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Name the jigidiers

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Laurajane Florrie goingsilver (Lorna)
Lyndee JM_Cookie Pumpkinhead (Suzy)
Snooker (Pat) Brie SMor2Ditto (Sally)
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  1. mamere0:06
  2. marunka2770:06
  3. laurajane0:07
  4. ralphwt0:07
  5. 2dogs7cats0:08
  6. snooker0:08
  7. Robbos0:08
  8. andie9830:08
  9. Brie16480:08
  10. Lindof0:08


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Imagine that - three of the names I recognized :)) Thanks for sharing!


I'll bet it was, Nev!

Yep, long ago and far away...hmmm reminds me of an old melody. 9-28-19 :))


So fun! Thanks Snooker!
And thanks to Neville @ulangariver for pointing these out to me.

I notified jigidi people in Copenhagen and they have no clue , but thought perhaps someone may be in contact with her. To the present seems nobody knows if she is well or otherwise.
I think, as you esreveil, that this was a unique idea of hers. God Bless Her wherever she is.
7-02-16 1:35 p.m.


What an amazing idea!!
Wondering also, Bev, where Snooker is...

Has anyone heard from Snooker or anyone that knows her? Hope all is well. 2-21-16 9:48 p.m.

Thanks, putter. :)


Fabulous idea and execution, snooker!


What fun!

Thanks, Maria, Jan and Jan. :)


They are all darling!
Sally's pose is precious!!!
Thanks so much!!


Fabulous thanks Snooker, hugs.


Well done Snooker!

Thank you, Cookie. I tend to agree with you. :)


snooker you did great on these jigidi collage pics, but this is the best one, LOL

Thanks, warb. Have 5 more photos toward a 4th one. :)


What a fantastic idea you had Pat! I love them all!

You are very welcome, Rob. Find your avatar on one of them. :)


That's terrific snooker:))) Well done:)))) Thanks :))

Thanks, morris.


AWWW!!!! Well done, snook!


Thanks, Pat. Hadn't caught Ank's answers (nor your reply to her).
~This is fun. :))

LOL Cookie - you had a place of honor on that one.


At least he didn't pick me :-))


Oh Shirley and Edie and Brie and Mat and Lorna!!! Look at you!!! :)


I just absolutely, positively, no exception....LOVE this!!! Look at all those cute faces!!! I knew each one....but when I showed it to Jim and asked him to pick me out he picked out Laura and Florrie before he selected his sweetheart! :)

Ank named them all in the first comment, Francine. She was fast. :)


Pat, came here looking for names as three are unknown to me. Just saw your comment; my photos aren't on computer.


And who would have thought so many years later we would all be on a Jigsaw site together, LOL.
Great idea snooker, Thank you.

They will get progressively harder, Edie. :)
That is for sure, Brie. :)
Thanks, Francine. Do you have a picture you could contribute to this great group of toddlers?


What a great bunch of beautiful kids. Cool idea, Pat.


They don't make 'em like this anymore!


This is fun snooker. Ank did well, I only knew 6 of them. Thanks

Do you have a baby picture, oddman? And I don't mean a young Walter. :)
You are surrounded by females, Cookie. :)


Ha ha ha .... LOL


Nice collections, Snooker.



Whew :)

Heavens no, Lorna. :)


What a cute bunch we are! Just don't go getting any ideas for an" as they are now" collage will you snooker?!

LOL Ank. You got all of them. The next collage will be harder. :)


Laura Florrie Lorna Lyndee Matt Suzy Pat Brie amd Sally. Great collage Pat. ☺♥☺

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