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My New Mixer

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This is what I bought yesterday for my Karaoke gigs. Never owned one of these, Hope to figure it out soon. Thank goodness for the Owners Manual!
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  2. dickiedodo0:31
  3. Robbos0:31
  4. Arria0:34
  5. Ianto0:38
  6. MiriA0:39
  7. Healer0:42
  8. wjl10150:43
  9. ribit1230:45
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Hi Like92115! I'm lovin' my new's great!




Suzy, I love this thing! I'm makes my shows run so much smoother! Thanks.


Looks VERY complicated, Jeannie! Enjoy it! ☺


Thanks Faye!

Roerick3, you are too funny! I have a kitchen aid mixer I dearly love. Yep I even cook too, who would have thought.... I guess I could have called my new toy a sound board....but it is a mixer. LOL!


It's a dough hook for my electric mixer for baking. Sorry, was just a smart comment because I would never know what the one above was or how to use it!!!!


Good for you! A couple of pats on the back! ☺☺☺


Thanks Yellowgal, I've had to learn, let me tell you! :))

Congrats, Jeannie!! That's one impressive piece of equipment (glad it's you & not me) I'm electronically challenged : o )))


Hi every one! It went very well, and it worked just fine. I can't believe I only made one mistake and had to move the sound cable to a different channel. But I caught it right away before it was time to start. My gig went great, and I had a lot of really good singers tonight. I'm still wound up, I hope to get to bed by day break!
Roerick3, I've seen quit a few mixers...but hooks? I can't place what brand your mixer might be. Sounds interesting. Mine is bigger than what I need, but I'll grow into it, and I might want to plug a guitar or two into it, and extra speakers. I'm already running 4 mics, for me, that's plenty.


This doesn't look anything like my mixer!!!Mine has these funny looking attachments, some that look like hooks!!!


Wowzers! Looks complicated but not as complicated as the one I saw on a tv programme tonight on Sound City recording studio in San Francisco - there were only four made in the world and it cost $78.000 back in the 1960s. This looks like it will be a great addition - so wish to could come sing with you!


Now, just let us all hope the manual is written in English! Ye gods, you must need a college degree to understand all that. I had a friend many years ago who had a recording studio. Skip was totally blind but ran the multiple sound boards by touch. It was amazing to watch him work. Good luck!


Wow! Good luck! ☺☺☺

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