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Nap time is the best time! 😊

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They each have one paw draped over the edge. 😸
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  1. thebetterhalf2:58
  2. babray3:08
  3. diannez3:46
  4. EllaMB3:55
  5. hadzi3:58
  6. Carol664:04
  7. Atsutsa4:19
  8. Finnegan4:28
  9. Nancy5050444:29
  10. GalBr4:29


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That they are, Carol. Hard to believe they’ll be 3 years old at the end of this month. 😻😻


They are such loves!


Awww, thank you nillie. I’m glad you enjoyed their pics. They are a joy… even when they’re being rascals. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜»


Cuties!! Thank you Nancy for sharing their previous good to see these happy brothersβ™₯β™₯



Aw, thank you, Nancy! Blush!


Happy Easter, lurdo! Hope you had a lovely day!

Thank you, Ella! Hope you've had a lovely Easter!. They enjoy their separate time as well, but I'm so grateful they love each other (well, almost always! Haha) and enjoy snuggling together.

Awww, thank you , Impie! They've slept off all the party treats and excitements. It was good to have a kitty party and Betty is a fabulous hostess. Hope you had lovely Easter!


HAPPY EASTER, Nancy, Tavi & Ollie! Hope you've been having a terrific day!
The boys are looking good and it's so cute how they are relaxing together.


Thank you, thurman. Happy Easter to you and yours!! 😻😻


Happy Easster Calluna and your "little ones". 😻😻


Aww, how cute they are together, Nancy. I hope they slept off the catnip high after the party! 😸

Happy easter Calluna

Anne, my kids are trying to meow in Spanish. They enjoyed your kids so much. The Spanish meowing is not going good, however. πŸ˜‚

What an adorable picture, Nancy! AND your boys were adorable here! The kids can't stop talking about all their new friends. I can guarantee you there will be kitty snores around here tonight. Soon ... very soon!
@thurman, they enjoyed your kids as well and cannot wait to see them again!


Yes, I have just tucked mine in for the night. They are all tuckered out. What a great day !


My three certainly enjoyed the party. They'll sleep soundly tonight!


They sure will, Patsy.... at least until they want dinner. Perhaps just like Mango and Papaya? 😻😻


Tavi and Ollie had a wonderful time judging by how excited they've been to share how much they enjoyed meeting up with everyone. Sleep is winning the day, however, though I'm sure they'll have more stories later. Thank you for hosting, Betty!!

@babray, @Impie, @Atsutsa, @tisketsmum, @Carol66, @dustydog, @thurman, @Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo


Wonderful poses. Will they sleep soon?

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