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No Kaleidos?

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  1. puzzleme21:01:18
  2. dotshell1:04:52
  3. jasperbelle1:05:04
  4. chiaki1:09:06
  5. Spoff1:12:28
  6. jeanneQ1:14:05
  7. Uschifaluschi1:15:12
  8. leapfrog1:24:22
  9. specimenX7771:26:23
  10. Nanadelray1:36:09


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Trish, my big thing now is getting back to being active and telling my muscles that they need to do more than sit! I've stayed away from COVID so far because our community has a high rate of vaccinations. Right around Easter, people with vaccines and boosters started getting sick--only for a few days, but some of them had a nasty time.
I always liked your kaleidos and when you did the creative borders. You had also just started experimenting with multi-color borders ala Peg. I also liked your series of puzzles that had a word in the middle and then kaleidos above and below (like Asia or Spring). Oh, now that I think about it, I first started doing our puzzles because they were photos you had taken of plants. Maybe you could work that in, too. Don't some people make kaleidos with an app that turns a thing into a kaleido design? I think Kirsten (RandomWorship) does that. OK, I'll stop now. 😎


And look at your time! Legend. I do remember creating this one. What do you think I should create as puzzles for the future? What were/are your favs? All good here, I've been able to evade Covid even though I've been a close contact a few times. Hope you're keeping well now Dotty after your recent heart issues.


Well that was quite a challenge, girl! It took me a while, but I felt like I had won a prize when I was done! LOL! Thanks for another great design. Hope you are well. Dotty

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