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Cardinal in the azaleas

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Sam was mowing the yard Thursday. There were a gazillion sparrows and one pair of cardinals out there. Mrs. Cardinal stayed out of camera range.
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Thanks, Patsy. I see him and/or his wife frequently.

Great close-up photo of Mr. Cardinal.


Thanks, Voronica. He's not camera shy but he is rather human shy. lol


Thanks, Jacki. They are so photogenic. ♥Hugs♥


Thanks, Shirley. I think this pair has been around for quite a long time. They seen to stay year round.


Thanks, Val. Good news. Hugs dear friend. Healing cuddles for Bella and Lincoln. Healing hug for Jim. ♥


Thanks for sharing this wonderful shot Ardy, he's not camera shy . . . *U* Voronica~


Very nice photo, Ardy. Handsome fellow peeking through the branches. Thanks. hugs


So nice to have Mr and Mrs Cardinal around to keep you company, he's delightful, Thanks, Ardy.


Ardy she is back to cuddly, and I have found two wounds so keeping an eye on them, Lincoln seems a bit brighter too so life goes on lol Hugs dear friend♥♥


You're welcome, Val. Hoping Bella will let you check her out and take care of any problem before it becomes life threatening. Glad you enjoyed this pretty red bird. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Thank you, AB. I'm glad to be able to see them but sure wish I could get outside. Happy Sunday. Huggles.


You're welcome, Barb. It came out better than I had expected. Happy Sunday. Hugs ♥


WOW Ardy he is gorgeous, love your colourful birds, great shot thank you hugs my friend♥♥


A beautiful visitor to your garden. How lucky to able to watch them from your window and get some good photos. Lets hope there are more to and birds
Huggles as always AB


That's a great photo, Ardy but you already know that....LOL Thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs my friend ☺♥


Thank you, alias2v.


You're welcome, Pat. There seemed to be so little of him showing I wasn't sure it would make a good photo. Love being able to edit my own photos. ☺ Hugs.

You're welcome, Maddie. A treat to have you stop by. ♥

Thank you, Peggy144.

Thank you, Francine. Love your W♥W. ♥

Thank you, Carolee. He was checking me out, I think. I was behind a closed storm door but he still wasn't sure. lol

A ;lucky shot, Suzy. Thanks. Hugs.

Thanks, Faye. This pair seems to hang around all year. I'm delighted. December page maybe? ♥♥♥

Good shot of a colourful bird


Double WOW!! What a terrific shot, Ardy! Definitely a calendar page! 👏👏👏


He is looking right straight at the camera, Ardy! How grand!!!!


What a marvelous photo, Ardy! He looks like he's posing for it. ☺


W♥W! Thanks, Ardy.

Great shot!


He's beautiful! Thanks Ardy ☺


He is so pretty .. Thanks Ardy

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