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  1. monza0068:10
  2. biafra241219848:47
  3. Skrapsak9:26
  4. susie79:34
  5. peanut6010:39
  6. ewerner10:46
  7. julietmarie10:56
  8. chivee72611:14
  9. rainbow111:19
  10. bblinzin11:37


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whatnauts, the bees and spiders are having lunch in the dining room right now.


Wonderful colours and design. I didn't see any bees or spiders :))))) (14:12)


That's great, Edie! I hope your solution continues to work so that you can continue working on puzzles. ;-)

Mandy, I'm allergic to bee stings, so I located a beautiful queen bee, set up another honeycomb residence nearby with her in it, and all the bees left to visit her. I had no problems at all.


I noticed much of the honey was missing... I hope that you didn't get any bee stings when you were eating it Wendy :~)


I took apart an old mouse pad and I'm using the foam wrist pad under my wrist and this seems to relieve some pressure. I think it's helping because it hasn't hurt yesterday or today.


Edie, I can't believe you solved it again. Don't you remember that you're supposed to be taking care of your wrist?

Thank you too, dear Janine. I hope you enjoy it.....although I already ate most of the honey.

Wendy, this is very the design and colors in your WEB.
I see alot of honeycombs in your WEB are quite the designer.
I have this bookmarked for later....since it is a big one...
thank you dear....Janine.


I was in the middle of the board when I first solved it. Now I just finished it a second time and was faster but the board got faster too so I'm still off by 22 seconds.


Don't feel bad, Edie. My hand is still sticky from working on it.


Talk about feeling like a fly stuck in a web. Not sure how I managed to escape without being eaten. Thanks Wendy, it was sticky going for a while, but fun all the same.

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