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Mr Kitten, as a kitten

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and today 3/24/13, he is 3 years old!!! he is a comic kitty, loves to jump out and make me scream and then we laugh and laugh. great companion animal.
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What a little cutie!


he is a honey! as long as you don't try to pick him up. i wish he were more cuddly like my last cat. sigh. but i can't complain, he has a great sense of humor. ;)


very nice looking cat trish :)))


what is it with them??!!?? Kitten is the same, don't pick me up, but please give me a rubdown, scratch me, play with me, but no hugging!!! he is a flame or red point. they start out very white with points and then go with tabby look. he is much more golden. his sister was lynx point but was tragically killed by my neighbors dogs. sigh. i am thinking i want a tonkinese like my last one that was 17 and the best cat ever. very loving, slept under my covers with me. i would wake up with his arm around my neck. Sweeet! I do love cats.


I just went & checked out the photo that you posted on Jan3 - he's sooo handsome!!! Our last cat was a Tabby-point or Lynx-point some call them. We had him - Casper - for 17 years & he was the best cat ever!! Layla's not a lap-cat either but loves pats & company - on her terms :)) We're working on that too!


Happy Birthday Mr Kitten!!! He's gorgeous Trish - you'll have to post a recent photo!!
People two doors up from us have a new all-white kitten - a real cutie. Just hope he doesn't try to befriend our Layla cat - she's VERY territorial, & it could end up ugly!!

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