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A new outer space!

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I drew and designed these globes on an app called iOrnament - a lot of fun! They are far more intricate within the app but for whatever reason, they lose a lot of the detail when uploaded to Jigidi.
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  1. dotshell5:19
  2. Trish2376:02
  3. Phiala6:48
  4. jime657:01
  5. kaykays7:42
  6. Bevlaar8:12
  7. TreMenDous8:35
  8. wips8:42
  9. gwenna8:42
  10. LKRogers8:44


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Dotty! @dotshell Naughty, naughty ... I've just added even more to my overloaded list of bookmarks, ha ha. Thanks for recommending wammetje - some very cool puzzles there.


Trish, you and I seem to like a lot of the same puzzles. Have you ever seen ones by user: wammetje ? He's from the Netherlands and creates all his own puzzles. I just love his work.


Backtracking to pick up another of this lovely puzzle. I want to travel to that planet! Thanks, Dotty


Wow - lots of lovely and encouraging comments on this one. Thanks everyone!
GenericBear - there's a lot more detail before they're turned into a puzzle - they lose a lot of definition as the puzzle is created.
Rlwemm - I actually know what you're talking about re Great Stella. I did check it out. I have another programme that makes "platonic solids" from my designs. There are 5 types. I'll make a puzzle of how they turn out - well a couple of shapes as it might not be that interesting for a lot of people. Last Christmas I got the grandies to design a Christmas bauble (Platonic solid) using the programme. Then I printed them off in colour, laminated them, wrote the date on the inside, put them together and that was their "memory decoration" for last year. Every year we do an art project for their respective trees. Lol re your spelling ... :)


Another winner, Trish, thanks!

When I can make them larger, I see a lot more detail! Soooo pretty!! Thanks again


You're not your. Blame the spell-fu**er.


Lovely. Thanks.
Since you like balls, you might want to investigate Great Stella.

It takes a bit learning, and frustration during the process, but you end up with some spectacular balls, near balls, virus-like spikey things and, if your obdurately creative like me, you can end up with parts for a lot of interesting plant pots, boxes and containers as well.

Even so, they are beautiful! Now to go do your puzzle! Thank you Trish!


Love this, bookmarked for later.

Good puzzle with color and design, thank you

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