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Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, California, 1902. The world's first permanently occupied mountain-top observatory.
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  1. Dilubreuer0:25
  2. Brian6660:27
  3. coolcatt20200:29
  4. Grump0:36
  5. alta800:36
  6. mercedes5000:36
  7. bbeeton0:39
  8. freetime0:40
  9. resmut0:40
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Thank you dendro for that very interesting web site..........Wendy


Lovely old photo young Wendy !


a website to the history and photo of the UVA telescope for you Wendy.


I've always liked astronomy. Here in Virginia,at University of Virginia, they still have the first telescope they had, in the original 1800's observatory. It was donated by a rich man. 1880's I believe. Anyway they still have a viewing night every month and anyone can come and look through it. It was the biggest telescope at its time and you can see great detail of planets, and other things. Its pretty neat to walk into an 1800's era observatory and look through a huge 1800's era telescope. Thanks for the memories of that.


That is great that they will continue on funding this observatory. Have you ever been to one? On our 11th anniversary, (100 years ago LOL), we went to Victoria and visited the observatory there. They had focused on Saturn. What an incredible sight. I have a telescope, but unfortunately during the time my late hubby was getting dementia, he broke it and couldn't fix it. I haven't bothered with it since..............Wendy


Sepia is still good, Wendy. Check the following link.


Does anyone know if this is still there??? ...........Wendy

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