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Big and Little George

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Yes they are both named George. Long story.
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  1. racoonstar2:12
  2. Ianto2:22
  3. poolcue2:34
  4. marunka2773:10
  5. hartlova3:21
  6. quiltfast3:50
  7. IrmaFC6:06


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They are beautiful. Big and Little George look so much like the kitty Dorus I know (I have pictures of him posted recently) Dorus was the kitty of my bestie. She had found him during her voluntary job at Dierenambulance (Animal Rescue Hospital). Long story short: she sadly passed away 4 months ago and Dorus was taken back to Dierenambulance where he luckely got adopted a week later. His new mum shares photos and updates with me and is OK with me sharing them on Jigidi! Sad end but with a new happy beginning for Dorus 🐱.


Thank You. My wife and I are definitely cat people.

Thank you for more of the story. All three cats are fortunate to have a forever home with you.


We have a 3rd cat, a gray tabby. She was not amused at the new pair. Beside the very similar markings they have gotten along from the beginning. There was a family that vacated their home overnight. These two were roaming around the neighborhood for a while. In turn they would come around the house and I would feed them and pet them. We believe they left them behind when they moved. I asked other neighbors if they were their cats or if they knew to whom they belonged. No one claimed the two. The pair run and play with each other, the tabby is having nothing of it. I'll post the tabby today.

Thanks for the story of their names. How did you know these two were brothers? They were abandoned and showed up at your door, choosing your family for their forever home?


Hi Patsy
Ok. There is a youtuber that starts every video "I am George, we are all George" I started watching him about the time the cats showed up at our door. My wife didn't like the idea but they are both George. My Wife and Son call them big and little for short. A link to the primary George. He started all this. He has a big channel 650K followers.

Okay, please tell us the story. In chapters if necessary. ~Patsy

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