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Collectable ?? world atlas 1887

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Thanks, Jeri. This is good xxx


Would love to take a peak. I had an old medical book that got eaten up by ?? The pages just started to crumble and it fell apart. It was printed in the late 1800's and left by a lodger at a boarding house some ancestor of mine had. I was amazed at how accurate it was about many diseases. (compared to today medical knowledge)


you are so lucky to have so many books that we would love to have,
Remember the Earth is a big round ball and even the maps of today do not show the size of countries in there true form due to the size of the Earth Africa is bigger than the USA but the maps do not show this,




Cyndi, I don't think the maps would show up very well in a picture but
I can try. @Isaly2


Hi, Robin
The maps inside aren't complete like todays are. especially out west
and Texas. Texas was part of Mexico.
No interstate highways (or many highways for that matter)
It's a pretty cool book. When I was living in Texas I did volunteer work
at the Senior Center and a lot of old books would be donated when
some of the older folks died. The 3 pictures I posted were a few of them
that I kept.


What an awesome World Atlas from 1887. Would love to take a peek inside.


wow jeri......I wonder what the pages look like......would be great to see it all.....thanks....robin


@Libi @Hismorts @CJ45

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