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Kaleidos & Mandalas

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  1. dotshell17:16
  2. vorga18:20
  3. zhr19:12
  4. coopercoers21:56
  5. bsobhani23:37
  6. squareagle24:57
  7. Athena34128:08
  8. psmcgavock1330:30
  9. fph232:54
  10. onthehill33:02


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Oh what a nice surprise Dotty! I did have fun making those Kaleido spheres. These days I don't have much spare time as in December I was asked if I'd be interested in going back to my old job on a part time basis which also gave me an option of working from home. The girl who they chose, who I trained to take over, didn't work out for them. But it's turned out not as part time as we thought it would be, maybe because I'm so efficient & get things done ... so get given more! Some days I'm doing 7 hours so by the time I get home and get dinner I just like to catch up on the news and FB etc. Lucky I love my job and the team I work with. So I'm counting my blessings and making the most of it. And therefore it was a delight to find your messages while I was chilling out ☺️


Well, looked at what I found tucked away in my LONG library of bookmarked puzzles! (At least this one isn't 7 yrs old, like one I just did!) Makes me wonder what other Trish jewels I'm going to find. Yeah! (No need to reply to them all. You know how much I have enjoyed your work, girl! But I also know everyone's interests change.) Dotty


You're welcome @Nienie ☺️


Gorgeous colours, thanks!


You're welcome Jason, thanks for your message.


Thank you, Trish :-)

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