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Small Town Hero

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This happened last week @20 miles from where I live. I have kept the boy's and his family's name out of this for their privacy ... but in this time of unrest, this is something that needs to be shared 😕

"A 10-year-old boy died while saving his younger sister from drowning in a South Dakota river last week, his family said. He was on a fishing trip with his father and three siblings in the Big Sioux River on Saturday."

"After the three younger siblings fell into the water, the father tried to rescue two of the children while the 10 year old jumped in to retrieve his younger sister. He was able to push his sister back on shore, but when his father and siblings returned to land, he was missing."

"The young boy is now regarded by family and friends as a hero who risked his life to save his loved ones."
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I understand, but I also believe that if people don't learn from a horrible tragedy like this, so they can prevent it happening again, then this young hero's life and sacrifice were wasted. And he was a hero in the truest sense possible. His love for his sister was greater than his love for himself. He should never be forgotten.


A darling beautiful young boy here on earth and now a darling fella in Heaven !! God bless this family.


apology accepted Heidi 😊 I hold no grudge, there are some things I just can't sit quietly by for ... I hope you understand 😊


Thank you for sharing this, John. You make your point eloquently and accurately about this time of unrest in which we live. The young man truly is a selfless hero. I could not help but weep when I read this.


I apologize, John.


I posted this puzzle because this is an extraordinary act of selflessness at a time when most seem to think about nothing but themselves. I did not post this so "blame could be assigned".

I find it offensive that the positive nature of this act could be assaulted by the negativity of finger pointing, even if it was expected. THIS is what I was referring to when I typed out "in this time of unrest". THIS is the legacy of "social reforms" the government has impressed upon us over the last 50+ years. a society of hatred and mistrust that benefits a few at the expense of the many

... and I have no doubt the father is punishing himself far more then anyone else could.


OMG! What a devistating story about a brave young man. I hope his father becomes a spokesperson for the lifejacket industry, and does something to try to atone for his son's preventable death.


That is a true hero, he risked his life to save his sister. May God Bless Him and welcome him home, and be with his family, while they grieve.


Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching story. Wanda


when the call went out for the first responders, it was like a hush came over the entire town as we waited for the news. in a small town, when something like this happens, almost everyone knows the person, or the family 🙁

on Facebook, family and friends have changed their avatar to this picture ... that was in this week's local paper


Bless his loving heart.


Such a beautiful but very sad and heart wrenching story. Thanks for sharing this.

He felt that he had to.

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