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Flower Cycle by Rosalind Wise

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I have just finished this 1000 piece puzzle by Pomegranate and purchased from puzzle warehouse. It was really difficult and took me about 25 hours to complete. I am sure any one who likes a challenge will enjoy this one.
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It's definitely funny, Judy, how that business of picturing people online works, with general ideas often slowly built up from various little hints we hardly recall anymore. However, you're likely either correct, or at least not far off. I'm 60. My youngest are still (barely) at home, but they're not kids anymore. Just done the university years, launching careers, checking out apartments, etc., and will probably all be gone by later in the fall...The chaos should subside (probably much more dramatically than I'd like). So then bring on the 1000-piecers! :-))


When we were all younger, we lived in a different house and I had the same problem with having a puzzle on the table. We had a dining room that had windows on 3 sides and let in a lot of natural light which was conducive to puzzling. I put up a card table and started my puzzle on there. I think all I've ever done are 1000 pieces. I don't know why but I just thought what you did if you were an adult. lol Anyway, that cardtable had a lame leg. If it got bumped it could go down. I think it got bumped 3 times on that puzzle and I finally just took it all down, packed away and I don't think I ever looked at the puzzle again. It was 1000 pc. Cracker Jack puzzle so all you saw was Caramel Corn, and the pieces just slid together. No tabs or holes. It was either thrown out or donated. lol
You might find this funny, but I always thought you were older than me, and now I find you still have kids at home. ha ha

That's quite a challenge, Tim! I've only done a few 1000 piecers in my time, and I never seem to finish them fast enough to keep the table and the pieces and the unfinished puzzle from getting in the way of kids, social events, housecleaning, etc. Yet once I start, I can't seem to dismantle until I've finished....Suffice to say, I stopped tempting myself---at least until I can have a dedicated room!

(I found this one because I was checking to see if...just maybe, maybe! might have posted a pic of your queen anne's lace french-knots embroidery!)

Hi Pat' Imagine you finding this one after all this time. This is definitely the version to do if you want to keep your sanity. Each year I buy 5 or 6 puzzles as my Christmas gift to myself and each year it takes me longer to finish. I'm just starting the sixth one this week. I can tell you I'm going to be looking for easier ones for next Christmas.

I like the accuracy of the portrayals too, Tim. And the challenge was gladly accepted...thanks to your reducing it from 1000 to 63!!!!! But wow! 1000 would require such perseverance and patience; I'd better take this one instead!

Hi Annie. I'm not sure I would like this on my wall even though it certainly is cheery. It was a terrific puzzle though in both forms. Thanks for finding it.

What a perfect way to end my day, Tim, thank you! But wouldn't I love to wake up to this Wise painting. I'm envious of the ease of her flower creations. -- Annie


Wow, Tim. It sounds like she has the bug! I'm impressed too.
We've been working on one that is all doors. It seemed like it wouldn't be too hard at first. Then you notice how there are 5 red doors and 10 doors with greenery and lights around them, etc... Slowly but surely we're making progress.
I love flowers, but I'm not very good at identifying very many. :-))

Thanks Judy. It helped a lot that I am well versed in flowers and was familiar with most of them. I was amazed at how accurately she had portrayed them. It all goes down to, "I love puzzles of all types" I gave my 10 year-old grand-daughter a 1000piece puzzle for her birthday and she finished it in 4 days which surprised me.


This is beautiful! You have a lot of patience to do the 1000 piece version.


Thanks, Tim. You set quite a challenge for yourself with that hardcopy version. I've never timed myself with one of them, but your time on that seems pretty darn good.

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