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Sun Lakes, Arizona

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33.208518°, - 111.876263°

“Sun Lakes, Arizona, USA is a planned community with a population of approximately 14,000 residents, most of whom are senior citizens. According to US census data, only 0.1% of the community’s 6,683 households are home to children under the age of 18.”

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  2. nosnow_here11:03
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  5. evielou12:36
  6. doubledog13:15
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In other words, watch out for naked seniors in speeding golf carts! Haha! Thanks, nosnow.


Just an FYI. Most people in these types of communities out here get around via golf cart or ATV. The most common thing I hear about Sun Lakes that you have to watch out for isn't water, traffic, or even Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who isn't even Sheriff any more, but NAKED SENIOR CITIZENS. Apparently, they are quite "active" in the community. Perhaps, it is good that the under 18 population is very low.


Oh, I think you're right, doubledog. I was looking at Google Maps and didn't see any lawns from the roads in front of the houses. That looks like a greenbelt path of some kind along the water's edge all around. It would be a terribly annoying golf course. :-\

Well, I thought the green around the lakes was grass--but maybe it's a golf course with the world's most annoying water hazard.


What lawns, doubledog?,-111.8799183,3a,75y,232.06h,88.95t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sEZXby09sGYf6EM81_aKRPQ!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192


I looked at it on Google Maps, Ernie, and you're right--it's a nightmare!

Look at all of those lawns without any gol-derned kids on them! It's paradise!


OMG! Look at the whole development on Google Maps!! NO THANK YOU!! It would be confusing at night time you got lost in there!! Good thing most cars come with GPS.

Regarding your questions about Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, I can't say they are ringing any bells. I have only been in Arizona once passing through it on my way home from Minnesota to California. I spent a night in Phoenix but on that trip I pretty much made up my mind I did care for Texas, New Mexico or Arizona. I spent 12 years in Orange Co., CA and I'm not a hot weather friend. I prefer the colder climates so I pretty much ignore what goes on around there. Thanks for the info anyway. I just may look for that map.


Thanks for that additional research, Pat. :-)


If you look at it on a street map it makes more sense, Claire. By way of finding a street map of Sun Lakes, I also found that this community is in Maricopa County. Ring any bells? Does the name Sheriff Joe Arpaio ring any bells?


Claire, I think you get in and out by roads that connect in the four corners, just out of our view.

Looks like a lot of water. How does one even get in and out of the area? by car/boat/ferry service? This place is not for me...even if I'm a senior citizen.




Yeah, but probably not in what is essentially a retirement community.


the ratio is usually a bit better...


Isn't that the way it is for grandkids and grandparents? :-\


and those poor .1%.....they must get to do a lot of little chores for all the other 99.9%

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