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and it started snowing again.
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  1. auntmom70:52
  2. Ianto1:05
  3. Googly1:09
  4. Hillsidefarm1:19
  5. Junko1:25
  6. Fluffy451:32
  7. Kubula1:37
  8. wizardjt1:45
  9. Murfy1:46
  10. kennert11:51


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hope you're feeling better. Penny


he shovelled the deck too, cheeky, lol

No tractor on deck, tables, etc. ;-)


Conrad uses the tractor to clear snow.

So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. Getting old is indeed a challenge for many of us. And I know from recent experience that daily activities are a huge challenge when it's hard to reach high or even a little. Even taking care of my short hair requires some shoulder movement. If your shoulder pain doesn't clear up on its own, I hope you can get some good health care support to get you out of pain and functional again. And I assume you don't have to clear any of that snow yourself. ~Patsy

Not good that you are in pain. Yes on getting old.


I haven’t left the house in days, I have terribly sore shoulders. First was my left, got it good in three or four days and next day overnite I wake up and my right is just killing me, day 3 with that pain. Getting old sux. Getting ready to chop off my hair, long hair is a pain when you can hardly lift your arms.

Time to stay home.

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