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Barkley in a tree again!

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Barkley is a seven and a half year old beagle / Jack Russell mix. He has a thing about trees!!
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@carrps So sorry to hear that Luc is no longer around. Somewhere in my collection of photos of my pups doing crazy things, I have a photo of Barkley doing just what Luc used to do: running up a tree at a 45 degree angle in wild pursuit of a squirrel.

He ran up to the point where the tree's trunk had broken (it was about 10 or 12 inches in diameter at that point - or 25 to 30 cm if you're metrically inclined).

In my photo, he's about halfway up, and I'd guess he's 12 to 15 (four to five meters) feet off the ground. When he reached the end, where the squirrel he had been chasing had leapt to another tree, he just turned around and trotted back down to earth like it was nothing at all.

It was then I let myself breathe again!!




That's where the squirrels are! Our Luc (dachshund, RIP) would scramble up as far as he could. The only time he got about as far as Barkley is was when the trunk of the tree was at a 45 degree angle.


Barkley can't get enough time in trees, it seems, @PatsyNip. I have another dog, about half Barkley's size (he weighs 40 pounds, she weighs 20, or about 19 kilos to 9.5 kilos). She'll climb up in trees occasionally, too.

Both of them will go anywhere they can go if they can just catch a rodent!

A tree climbing dog, very rare

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27 April 2021 - 19 November 2020
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