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Vintage Fruit Labels Depicting Frogs

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  1. Trish23720:48
  2. tricia7521:07
  3. webpeggy22:15
  4. dotshell23:01
  5. loriann5725:16
  6. mankowski126:12
  7. puk30:06
  8. Shelkod32:39
  9. bohica195133:08
  10. MamaVenerable36:00


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Edna, your kind words are appreciated much more than you will ever know. Thank you.


grandmapegs ,each of your puzzles is an art ! the lovely labels , the shapes
and colors of the frames are just perfect .I do enjoy all of them
and for that I thank you SO MUCH !!!


Dotty, I found the names very interesting. Thanks for the additional information. You are welcome.


Trish, interesting info. Glad you have a three day weekend. They are the best. Hope you get to link up with your family.


These are so fun, Grandmapegs! When you have a Florida label, I like to look them up. Apparently Bull Frog was a brand from 1930-1950. I liked the colors in the yellow/blue frame best. Thanks, Dotty


Thanks Grandmapegs - left the big one till later. Better go and do some work. Long weekend here, Monday is a public holiday. Labour Day. It's origins are traced back to the 8 hour working day movement that arose when a carpenter, Samuel Parnell, refused to work more than 8 hours a day. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim this right. There's a little history lesson for today ☺️

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