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Powder-hole PA.

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The place my kids & Grand-kids go to every summer for years,
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  1. Eight8349:24
  2. hamcar9:37
  3. Dekker9:45
  4. wildoak10:59
  5. Nyfiken11:32
  6. 121shirley11:33
  7. conrad12:02
  8. caroleemwestlind12:42
  9. jdbaer12:46
  10. luly13:51


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Hi Lois, I saw a comment you put on my puzzle, but it was five days old when I saw it. Sorry I’ve been a bit slack, but I did reply. I always reply EVENTUALLY. All is well here at the moment. We only have twelve active cases in our state. Queensland is a big state, so not bad going. All the cases are either in quarantine or in hospital. Our borders are still closed thank heavens. I’m pleased everything is well with you. Keep safe. Hugs.


@lea43th hi lea, hope all is well with you. I`ve been on here & there. I`ve even done a few of your puzzles :-) ... As far as the hunt for my camera goes I`m sure its in a box in the attic :-( I`ll find it eventually.


I have been thinking about you Lois, wondering where you’ve been, but I see you’re up and running again thank heavens. Have a good day.


How is the hunt for your camera going Lois? Hope you’re keeping well. Hugs Lea.


I hope you see this Lois, I just saw you post on my Hamlet by the Stream. Love all those great adjectives, thanks. Have a good day.


Just finished this Lois, it looks beautiful, but I don’t think I’m that brave lol.


I’m pleased things are improving for you and Jimmie. I’ve just seen you comment on Hamlet by the Stream, you have wonderful vocabulary, I love your descriptions. I hope you have had a lovely day. Hugs Lea


What a fantastic place they have chosen Lois! Do they actually do things as daring as what this person is doing? Wow! I bet they have a lot of fun here. Thank you for sharing with us! :-0

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