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My Torture Device (AKA Sling!!)

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Only have to wear this for 15 more days!! Sleeping has been impossible!! And the change of weather hasn't helped either.
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  4. jals0:11
  5. wjl10150:11
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Thank you Watchman! :))


Praying for you! ;-)


The PT after the sling is off I'm afraid might be worse at first!!! But my goal is to be able to play again!! :))


so that what that sling is for - to hang in there - Hmmm, oh joe, just thinking of you and how tough you must be. - I sooo doubt that I could be that tough. have a better day joe. well , after those 15 days, there will be better days, but those days will seem likely more like 15 month to you, i'm guessing.


Take care in this arctic blast Joe.♥


15 more days and we will celebrate your freedom!
Spring is going to take a little while longer.


Thank you Redina & Wanda!! :))


Only 15 more days! You are closer to be done with your sling. Joe, you can bury in a shallow grave in the back yard when you are done. Thank you for keeping us updated on how you are doing. Wanda


Reminds me of Shakespeare. "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune..." I guess you dodged the arrows, but the slings got you. Outrageous! Hang in there. Healing is coming and so is spring. :))


Thank you Jeri & Bobbie...... :))


I take lots of pain meds, Percocet 20 mg and Dilaudid 4 mg, as well as some edibles, but sometimes nothing helps!


As Robin would say... "Good Grief !" No wonder you're feeling miserable... HUGS..!
~ ❤️~


Hang in there it will be over soon.☺♥♥


Pain meds can make you cold if you’re taking them. Hot beverages can help warm you up.


I had to buy a recliner to sleep sitting up surrounded by pillows. Not very comfy but it works, at least until I move! I'm a restless sleeper!!


ok joe, now I see it, wonder why I did not right of the bat, but 24/7 ??? wow, that is obviously not so good and very awkward during the night. how in the hell do you turn around ?? I mean without hurting yourself even more, take care joe. good thoughts coming your way.


The house isn't well insulated but it's mostly me. Liz seems ok with the temp. But if I shiver my shoulder screams at me!!!!

I have to wear this 24/7 it's meant to immobilize my arm so it will heal better and quicker. I'll try and get a better pic of it later. :))


Joe - Why is it so cold in your house? The temp here is 16 and dropping fast but we still have power and heat. Your device is a means of helping the healing process, positive thinking my friend! BB


I tried to figure this out , but could not. where and how do you wear it ??

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