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William Edward Mayes (1861-1952), water colour

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Willliam Edward Mayes (1861-1952) was a prolific painter of water colours of the Norfolk Broads, located in East Anglia, UK. Norfolk is a lowland with many beautiful waterways and windmills. The boats he portrays are known as wherries and are typical of the boats used on the Norfolk Broads. W. E. Mayes was my great-grandfather's brother. Sadly, I haven't inherited his artistic genes. I would be grateful if any Jigidi friends could supply any further information on him or his works. Thanks.
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@linda1802 I finally a few days late got to read your message to me on my bday


I'm so happy she is better.I miss her and Bella's play time


Many thanks, Joan, for asking about Ank. Ank is doing well and is in remission, but the cancer and the brutal treatment she endured to fight it have left her much weaker than before and no longer able to walk without a walker. But Ank is a fighter and she's determined to make the most of her life. She's now able to drive her car again and cope with day-to-day things like shopping, running her home and walking her darling black Standard Poodle Bella.
But perhaps the best evidence for us of her recovery is that since the beginning of this year Ank has resumed making birthday puzzles for all those 250 or so Jigidi friends who are listed on her birthday calendar. Do check out those many puzzles on Ank's page (puzzeljac - please note the Dutch spelling 'puzzel', it's not puzzlejac).
Joan, I have missed you (and your sadly now deceased little poodle), and I'm sure that our friend Ank has too. I will tell her that you've asked how she's doing.
Take care and stay safe. ♥


Linda, how is Ank doing?


Linda, I prepared for your birthday two puzzle . enjoy them.


Happy new year, Milena, I hope 2018 will be a very good year for you in every way. And a good year for all of us on this planet - we need peace.
I'm sad to read that you lost your dear Nicky recently. That's terrible. But 21 years old - wow, that's very old for a cat. My oldest cat was 19 when he died. We miss them terribly when they go. Like you, I hope Aisha and Ofelia will have long, happy and healthy lives.
Little Amelia is indeed a very pretty baby. You must be so happy to have a little granddaughter. I hope she lives near you so that you see her often. I think your new year will be extra happy because of Amelia.
Best wishes to you and your family for 2018. ♥☺♥


Hi Linda, I posted a new photo of Amelia , she is so pretty!!


Thank you, Linda - yes, we are all OK (only two months ago we lost Nicky - our cat 21 years old) so I hope that Aisha and another cat (Ofelia - she is one ragdoll) can be with us still many years.
Have a wonderful days


How thoughtful of you Milena, thank you so much for your kind wishes.
I hope you and your family, including Aisha, have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2018. ♥☺♥


Dear Linda, I want wish you Merry Christmas.


Dear Linda. Thank you so much for sending me a card. It warms my Heart to get these "get-well-cards" from Jigidifriends.
The mouse is giving redwine as medicin. I got 5 bottles yesterday and some Christmas cookies so "medicin" is in the house for some weeks :-) I must not drink more than one glas each day ;-) Again a warm thank you for thinking of me - :-)♥


Thank you for your kind message. ☼☼☼


You may not express the artistic talents but you do express a generous caring heart. Thank you for all you do.


Yes, I have twelve, all purchased at auction and all of scenes of the Norfolk Broads (a large system of rivers, canals and lakes in East Anglia, UK). This was the region where I spent my childhood, and I still love all flat, watery landscapes today.
This is an awful photo, but it's the only one I have which is big enough for Jigidi. I've promised Ank that I'll apply my mind to finding out how my camera works and will then take some hopefully better photos for posting here.
Thanks for the 42nd solve! ☺☺☺


How wonderful to have such a fine artist in your family. I love water colours (such a delicate but unforgiving medium!). Do you have any of his paintings at home - if you do you are very fortunate - they are beautiful


A beauty Linda, pity you can see the photographer in the painting. That make it a bit indistinct (? I hope I use the right word). Please try to make photos of the paintings you have at home. It would be nice to see them. Thanks for showing this one. Hugs ♥♥♥

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