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Rainbow oval kaleidos

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256 pieces
141 solves
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  1. Jorsulak20:12
  2. Le_Blaireau21:06
  3. chrisap12323:14
  4. tamelak23:18
  5. Brandjes7025:30
  6. chems26:28
  7. cricket7626:51
  8. Yeoldeun26:55
  9. ryzik28:25
  10. buckylovestarzan29:15


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Spring - what a lovely time, with all the pretty flowers and fresh air :-)


Thanks Jason - meant to be 25 degrees (Celsius) today & it's only spring! Front garden today, been putting that off but today's the day!
Carrotcake - hi! Welcome to my puzzles and what a cool name! ☺️

Bright and cheery and so pleasant to solve. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for asking, Trish. I am fine.

Last night, it rained. This morning, it is warm sunshine.

Looks like you are going from one pleasant activity to another. That is great :-))

Have a Happy Weekend, Trish :-)

Sending you virtual hugs,


Hi Jason - hope you're doing well in your part of the world. Sunny and warm Saturday afternoon here & I've just come in for a break from potting up some plants - a good excuse to catch up on Jigidi. Happy weekend!


Thank you, Trish for this pretty puzzle :-)

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