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I'm glad you don't mind, Maddie. And you know what? Sometimes, even when we are armed with everything we know, a particular puzzle bombs unexpectedly - or takes off like crazy! You can never 100% know what the fickle Jigidi solvers want on any given day. LOL (•‿•)

Oh, and I'm glad you won't stop posting the littlies! Yay!! ❤❤❤


This is so very lovely, Maddie! Thanks :)
Gorgeous work of art.


Francine, I just answered on the mountains puzzle ☺☺☺

T h an k y o u, Latifa !!!!!!!! :-))) [perfection?nooo, but thanks :-))))) ]

Kirsten, of course I don't mind, silly !
I think you are right about the bright colors. It just attracts people,and we all know that for example bright red or pink is easier to put together than black and dark blue or dark purple. And stripes !! What is it with stripes? Actually, I think I know. I love to solve stripes too. It's the sorting out that makes it pleasant to do. People like to sort things.Sorting bright attractive colors is just simply NICE. But like you, I prefer to do more complex puzzles. I value more artistic puzzles more, and I'm often admiring the different pieces while I'm trying to piece it together as fast as I can :-)))) (doesn't work..).
So,we agree on your first point (by the way, thanks for your loyalty, solving anything I post... you really are silly)LOl..

Your second point. Perhaps it wasn't very smart of me to post the mountains in so many pieces, it must have been a horrible solve:-))) But for the rest, I always, (almost always), post everything on Maddiekids in the medium size. The mountains had 72 solves I believe..But okay, mostly,my puzzles do well on Maddiekids. Mustn't complain about that. Which I don't..
I'll keep on posting in the small size Kirsten, I would never want tomiss your comments :-)))))
And if you are interested, more has been written on this subject on this puzzle :

Thanks very much Kirsten ☺♥☺


Maddie, I hope you don't mind if I reply to your comment to Francine about frustration with solve numbers. I have two perspectives to share with you. Although I guess I should say upfront, that I don't make the kinds of images that you do. Mine are kaleidos and collages. So all my experience is based on those kinds of images and how they perform on Jigidi. But I think some of what I want to say might be relevant for you anyway.

Many puzzle-makers, including me and a bunch of others, have bemoaned how some images, generally the more artistic or complex ones they have spent much more time on creating, seem to attract less solvers. Yet simple, bright colours attract heaps of solvers. I suspect that it's human nature to be attracted to "bright and pretty". There are certainly a group of solvers who like more artistic and complex puzzles. (I'm one of them. I will solve ANYTHING you and post, without even looking at the thumbnail too much before hitting solve. I know your work will always be beautiful in my eyes) But I don't think there are as many folks like me, as the numbers of people who are immediately attracted by the bright and pretty.

I would re-think the numbers of pieces you post these kinds of images in. In my experience, the three most popular size categories are medium (60-120), large (120 - 240) and huge (400+). I think if you posted other images like this one, in say 63-80 pieces and 120-165 pieces it would do very well! I don't think I would post an image like this in huge, as it would be extremely difficult to solve, and I suspect there are less folks who would be up for that challenge. Bright collage style puzzles are different. Due to their collage format, they are a little easier to solve. And they do quite well in the huge category. Having said all of that, I very much hope that you will continue to post them in small sizes, as it's the only way I will ever be able to solve them. And I do love your art.

So there you go. Some food for thought. I'm no expert of course, so you don't have to take on board what I'm saying. But you might like to try it out and see how you go. Oh, and speaking of trying it out, don't write it off as a bad idea if it doesn't work the first time. A single instance of anything is no indicator of a trend. You need to see many instances of something to be able to call it a trend. (•‿•)


g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s... g-l-o-r-I-o-u-s... perfection!! thank you so much Maddie!


Maddie, yes it is my favourite type of yours. It evokes thoughts of special, peaceful places (as mentioned by Kirsten). I'll put my thoughts together and try to say more.


Magda, I know you are a very busy lady lately, so I really don't expect you to comment. And I know you like this type of puzzles, you've told me before :-)) Enjoy the evening with your son !!
Thanks ♥


I will do the big one now, I enjoy the subtleties of the colors, coming to life in the bigger ones. But tonight my son us, not much time on my own, so I might not comment. Thanks again


and me


Ofr course you can join us, Francine :-)) I believe you can be very quiet..
Do you really like this type? I was a bit frustrated, because of the low solves (not this one but the bigger ones, even the medium size was not even100...) I decided to not post these anymore, because I thought not many people seem to like them. But then there's the comments... Kirsten liked it a lot ,and Iris, and Janet agreed, and now you ! I don't know anymore.. :-)
That's why I posted the simple squares.. Posted shorter than an hour, and more than 100 solves.. I don't get it.. Easy to solve, I know, but it is so NOTHING !!
Okay,sorry I poured my frustration out over you, dear Francine :-))) But maybe you can shine some light over this "thing". You, being the quiet and wise one :-)))
thanks !!


If I promise to be quiet, may I join you and Kirsten in this special place, please? ☺ This is my favourite type of yours. Thanks. ♥




Oh Kirsten.. maybe you're right. It must be inmy heart :-)
Thank you for your insight,my friend :-))))


I guess you DO know this place, Maddie. It's in your heart. Or imagination. Or both. (•‿•)


zwan, dankjewel :-))

Iris, I love your decription about the happy dream.... I love your entire comment !! Thanks so much !! Grins & smiles floating your way !! :-))

Thanks Diana :-))

Thank you too Janet :-)) Hugs to you !!

Kirsten, what do I answer to such wonderful comment/compliment..? I would love to wake up here too, but it's like being homesick for a place I never knew... Weird..
Thanks so much ♥


Sometimes I can't describe the feeling that your art gives me, Maddie. This one makes me yearn to be in this place. I would love to wake up to this view each day. Thanks Maddie. (•‿•)


Irisriver said it all, Maddie, I too love the misty effect. Stunning!
Thanks and hugs.




Beautiful! I love the soft floating misty look. Your brush strokes are neat the way they create soft ripples through everything. Sort of like a happy dream fading away as you wake in the morning. Also love how you paint your initials into your work! Many grins and smiles!


Heel mooi Maddie, toch zeker de lucht .

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