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Bald Eagle - Cropped

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A family of bald eagles has been living on the edge of our neighborhood for many years. We are adjacent to a river, right below a dam, that seems to make for excellent fishing. We see them flying overhead, and can go to the river to seem them roosting or watch them fish. But for the past week or so, they have been landing in the woods right behind my house! This image was taken with my phone, through my kitchen window. Apologies for the quality, but it was such a treat that I wanted to share. Happy New Year!
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Thank you, beyondwords and dustydog! Since I saw this one on New Years Day, maybe it is a sign of a great year :-D. And I agree, Dustydog. I stayed with Labrador retrievers and stopped having Italian Greyhounds (13 pounders) when I moved here with the foxes, coyotes, owls, and eagles!


Awesome! I see eagles fairly often. To me, it always means I'm going to have a great day! Glad you got this shot!
PS: Make sure the cat is in the house!


How exciting to see and photograph this eagle! And a privilege to live near them. (I've seen eagles only when soaring overhead, usually far overhead).
Happy New Year to you and everyone you love and loves you. ~Patsy


Thank you Schutkleur, 4felines, and Ginni2! I appreciate the positive feedback and good wishes.🤗


Lucky you! What a bird to see from your window! I'm going to have to pay closer attention to camera quality the next time I buy a cell phone. Happy New Year to you too!


The eagle is regal, @PaxLab! You are sooo privileged to have a bald eagle living near your home. I am a proud American who has never ever seen one.


Happy New Year to you too PaxLab!!!
You are SO very lucky to be able to take a photo like this from your home, and with a phone!!!!! It's such a magnificent bird!!!
And the quality of the photo is just fine. I would have been very happy with it!!!!

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