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Very inviting scene, Marina.
The best to you with the surgery and we are all wishing you a speedy recovery.


SO peaceful thanks Marina, hugs ❤️💕


Marin sorry to read of your health problems, hope all goes well with the surgery, just know that we will be thinking of you gentle hugs ♥


Marina I am sorry to hear of your infliction, not only painful but also very frustrating. Trust the operation goes well and eliminates the problem


Marina, in your opinion even the boat on the beach is delicate, you are a magician with colors and moods. Thank you, beautiful picture. I read about your health problems and I am very sorry that you are suffering so much. My dear friend, I wish you a lot of strength, everything will be fine again, I am thinking of you ♡:))


Thank you Jill and oldandancient.


Thank you Val. I'm not very well at the moment, I'm going to have a surgery on my left hand, probably next week. I've developed a skin problem, a granuloma at the tip of one of my fingers, which is a nuisance really, because if I add the slightest pressure on it, it hurts. So typing in the PC, writing, everyday chores, buttoning blouses etc.. had to slow down or stop.




A lovely restful painting. Thank you Marina


A beautiful calming scene thank you Marina, hope you are well ☺♥

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