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Lightning hitting the mast

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  1. Vilkku6:21
  2. gidi468:58
  3. Neptunus9:55
  4. Tbinning9:55
  5. robf10:23
  6. roseh10:43
  7. tricksie10:43
  8. hnordfalk11:23
  9. kimsuhna12:06
  10. DSzabo12:15


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Terrifying! Looks like it's beside a dock, so hopefully no one was aboard. (Or maybe they're just out of view, still running...)


Probably burnt everything. It looks like flame above the smoke, so the boat could be on fire.


Thanks jigsaw fanatic. You, are absolutely correct. I see it now. Thanks. Mary @Jigsawfanatic


Ahoy... beam me up, Scotty! There's only burnt toast for breakfast down here.


The mast is ti the right side if the lightning. Almost invisible unless you look really close. There's a black spot under the smoke that might be part of the boat, or what's left of it.


Stunning photo, as you really don't even see the mast, just the strike. Thanks for sharing. Mary


I hope no one was onboard!


That would be downright scary! I've sailed in sailboats, but never gave any thought to lightning hitting the mast. Most of the masts were metal, too! Yikes!

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