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Party & Catnip Coma!! :-))

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1st Birthday boys Oliver (L) and Tavish (R) after they played with their big catnip toys, a green fish and a banana......and practiced hockey slapshots all over the house with a ping pong ball and a ball with a bell inside.....and chased each other.......until they finally ran out of steam. That's some wicked catnip! LOL
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  1. Olya4:11
  2. DeDonder4:11
  3. donlise4:13
  4. slavka14:17
  5. Carol664:18
  6. puppsgal4:27
  7. RogerH4:30
  8. tisketsmum4:43
  9. lindaleigh4:44
  10. tdcain224:45


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Glad you enjoyed this one, Impie! ♥ They sure are!....whether play fighting or chasing or grooming. They'll often sleep in separate areas of a room, but more often are snuggled up close. It is so nice to see them together like that. :-))


LOL ...What a lovely photo, Nancy and I love how they are such good buddies♥♥


Ollie and Tavish just ran off to tussle with toys (and each other), so thank you Olya, Ella and tisketsmum (on their behalf) for all your good wishes on their very first birthday! They were so excited to discover they have friends the world over! :-)))

Almost, Ella. Awake around 3am, but settled down fairly quickly and, yes, I got to sleep in a bit. :D


Happy Birthday Oliver and Tavish, may you have many more birthdays to come.


Happy Birthday, boys! It sounds like you had quite an exciting day! Does that mean you'll sleep through the night letting mom sleep in?


Awww! Happy Birthday, sweet kitters, and many, many more to come!


They sure did, Beth!...and they seem to be able crash anywhere and in (almost) any position. Don't know how they do it. LOL :-))

Thank you, Nillie!! ♥

Awww, that's so sweet, Carol! They're a hoot....unless they're doing their Summer Olympics sprints, boxing, wrestling and who knows what else at 3am!! Considering how many hours these guys sleep per day, you'd think they could overlap a bit more with what their mum needs to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next day. LOL Oh wait, I'm just the staff. Silly me. :DDD


Love those is ok to get "high" and "tired" on their birthday! They found the PERFECT forever Mother and Home!


Happy Birthday♥♥

They have a good place to crash! Sounds like they had a great time. Love kitties!

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3 August 2019 - 30 August 2016
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