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24 pieces
80 solves
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  1. like921150:33
  2. nela090:43
  3. mariolyn0:43
  4. stone8312030:48
  5. Sissel0:49
  6. Redneck010:49
  7. wigma0:52
  8. kay010:53
  9. agata0:54
  10. A3ana0:57


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Adrianna- L.O.L. I'm so glad you like this this pic Adrianna, thanks so much sweety for commenting!...Big hugs

Ann- Hey there Mamacita' I know but someone else would have said it if I didn't, you know what this crowd is like, we have a whole bunch of really great comedians, yourself included I might add! Your the best of them all actually! L.O.L. Your always making me crack up! That's one of the things I like most about you! ':-))))))))))


Really Chica! Milk jugs---diaper surprise?!? Tsk,tsk,tsk!


HAhahaha your a funny one


Hi there Rob, thanks so much, I'm so happy you liked it too my friend! I think babies are the greatest and most fun of all! Have a wonderful and very restful Sunday my friend!...Hugs


That is gorgeous Monica :))) Thanks!


Sissel- Thanks so much, I'm really happy you like this puzzle too, I just absolutely LOVE babies! ':-)))))

Adrianna- Yes, he does have a beautiful smile doesn't he, I wonder what he's thinking about! Either that or he's making a big surprise for mommy in his diaper! L.O.L. Personally, I hope it's the first one!


ohooo i sweet baby with a great smile


Love it - thanks for sharing :-)


Gene- Hey there Gene, I think so too, I just love babies, all babies! Thanks for commenting! ':-)))))))))))

Denise- He's probably wondering when mommy's going to break out the milk jugs again! L.O.L. Sorry, but I just had to say it, if I didn't somebody else would have I'm sure! Thank you very much for your comment sweety!...Hugs


I hope the things on his mind are wonderful:-))) So sweet Monica. BIG smile :-))))


Such a sweet looking child Monica ':))))

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