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Amaryllis in bloom mid Dec.

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  1. laurajane0:09
  2. gc20190:10
  3. jls260:13
  4. alias2v0:14
  5. Robbos0:14
  6. patten0:15
  7. Jumble0:15
  8. Ianto0:16
  9. babray0:16
  10. fyrsel0:17


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How stunning, Bren! Love the variegated colours!


Sunshine on a stem! :)))


Any time, Bren....:o))


I love them - they are amazing - and thank you Impie for sending them to the UK :o))
Thank you Bubble - a splash of colour in the cold dark days


Lovely rich colours, thanks Brie ♪♥♥♫


Great shot, Bren, I love how the light shines through the petals!

I bought mine at our local supermarket in the week before Christmas!☺


You really should get one if you can. I know they are very popular around Christmas time but you may find them in the garden centre - if it's open!


That is beautiful.

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