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Abraham Lincoln's Home. Springfield, Il

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The Greek Revival house was Abraham and Mary Lincoln's home for 17 years. In 1844 they bought it for $1,200 and some land from the Rev. Charles Dresser, who performed their marriage ceremony in 1842.

When the house was built, it was much smaller than you see it today, Mary's niece wrote, "The little home was painted white and had green shutters. It was sweet and fresh, and Mary loved it. She was exquisitely dainty, and her house was a reflection of herself, everything in good taste and in perfect order."

The Lincolns enlarged the house to a full two stories in 1856 to meet the needs of their growing family. You'll find the painted frame building in a shady residential neighborhood with wood plank sidewalks, ideal for a leisurely walk. The four-block area around it is being restored to the same time period by the National Park Service.

Three of the four Lincoln sons were born here, and one (Edward) died here in 1850 at nearly four years of age. When Lincoln won the 1860 Republican Presidential nomination, he received a delegation of party officials in his parlor.

Although Mary loved flowers, neither she or her husband were known as gardeners or devoted much effort to landscaping the grounds. A long-time neighbor said they never planted trees and only kept a garden one year. Mary's sister, Frances Todd Wallace, apparently was eager to fill this horticultural vacuum, for she often came over to plant flowers in the front yard.

When Lincoln became a presidential candidate the house became a magnet for visitors, parades, rallies and other political festivities. After holding farewell receptions there in 1861, the Lincolns rented it, sold most of their furniture, and entrusted the family dog to a neighbor. Taken 4-7-2016
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That's a beautiful house ... and interesting info.
Thanks Lyndee. :)


Haven't been there for ages! Fun to see again! Thanks, Lyndee!


I was there recently, myself.


Wonderful historical piece lyndee, thanks for sharing.

I've been to this home a few times and always enjoy it.

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