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062018 Design - Florence - Turbulance

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My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by Florence, please prepare and stay safe! I'm thinking of you. I'll be back, a combination of issues coupled with time have kept me away - but I miss you all and will be return.
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Florence, and now Michael - so many to care about!


Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful. I can't imagine the feelings of loss and helplessness--but it's so good to hear how strongly people care about those affected. Love and prayers are with you all.


Heel erg bedankt, Annie. Ik probeer alleen maar met te veel problemen en stress om te gaan, maar ik doe het een beetje beter. :)


Hoi 6toedcats , ik hoop dat je niet ziek bent .Veel lieve groetjes Annie ♥.


Thanks for such a nice comment, Maddie! :)


wow.. This one left me a bit dizzy, Cats.. But I love the way it looks!! Thanks !!


So true, irisriver, I know you've experienced flooding, but WOW, Florence was a monster, leaving so much devastation. It takes so long to recover from something like this, my thoughts are with them daily. ♥♥ We were "lucky" with Irma, as the tides and winds combined to suck the water out of the bay.


Спасибо, Натали, я не пострадал от этого, но мое сердце уходит к тем, кто есть.


Thanks, Beekay. I appreciate that. ♥


Thanks, Taisia - i am not in this area, but feel dreadful for those that are. The flooding, which we didn't have with Irma as the winds sucked the water out of the bay, is so devastating and dangerous.


Hearts to those who were affected by Florence! ♥♥♥


Пусть всё будет хорошо у Вас!


Thanks for the great puzzle. Been away myself but for a vacation. Hope to see you back soon.


Perfect expressed situation!
I hope, 6tc, you are OK and safe. Shots in our TV, which I could see were horrible,
I can ´t imagine this horror.


Thanks, brightspark - indeed they need our prayers, and I thank you for joining in from far, far away. ♥♥xx


Thanks, Teresa. :) Everyone here was so supportive when Irma came around, I had to pop in and give my prayers and thoughts to those affected by Florence, which with its flooding, is so much worse. ♥


This is such a beautiful version of florence - let us all pray for the safety of everyone in her path xxx god bless and hugs from south africa ♥♥♥


Very symbolic and beautiful image, Cats. I join you in prayers for those affected by Florence. I hope you can resolve all your issues, Cats, so you can magically find more time to play on Jigidi. Hugs, (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Thank you, Lena, and the same to you.


Thank you, Kirsten! ♥


Bedankt, Annie. Ik denk niet dat het mogelijk is om ze te tellen omdat ze willekeurig zijn. Ik ben blij dat je het leuk vond, hoewel ik het ermee eens ben - het is ingewikkeld


Thanks much, surfer - I love the WOW, and am pleased you enjoyed it. :)


Thanks, bookish. I am hoping so, but there are always those that don't take it seriously or only minimally prepare. This is a monster, and I'd be very afraid.


You're most welcome, Gea1970 - take care and stay safe please. ♥


Thanks, Shian! I hope so - this is a monster, and I pray that everyone took it seriously enough.


God bless you.


Beautifully painted :))


Good to see you,6TC! I've been worried. I hope that all is well. Or at least well-ish. And you stay safe too. (❛ᴗ❛)


Een heel ingewikkelde puzzel 6toedcats, ik heb de ronden proberen te tellen . Maar dat was heel moeilijk . Ik heb ze niet kunnen tellen . Dank je wel .


Thanks for checking in, 6tc. I thought your absence might be the stress of the boss being back. ☺ Hope all stay safe and protected during the storm. Fun puzzle. Thank you.


No beginning no end in ever expanding colorful circles WOW cats.


Thanks for a great puzzle, 6TC. Let's hope for the best.


Thank you!


Thanks for the puzzle, 6TC, all we can do is pray that everyone will be safe, we have seen the reports here in Australia in our news.

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