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Triangle and Trig Memories--SMALL

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Love it! Not boring at all to me! I know nothing about this stuff, having been able to get through college in music education with only Mathematics! LOL 6:27 Great puzzle material! Thanks, Jude!


Judy, I'd love to hear the story that goes with the formulas but I have no interest in the actual formulas anymore. I never ever used those formulas after completing school. It's just amazing to me how much we had to learn that we never used again. Most of us could get by with knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.


Thank you.. If ever you want to refresh on the formulas, I have a quick and memorable memorization tool with a funny story to go with it. Thanks for yet another uplift, and you said so privately, but I had already posted here. It's getting complicated. Take care my friend. I goota rest awhile, and off to the slaughter house in the morning. Stay safe in that weather!


Judy, I REALLY do think this is a VERY ATTRACTIVE puzzle. I'm pretty sure I told you privately that even though math was my favorite subject in school, I have forgotten everything since then. When I saw "sine, cosine, and tangent" I have to admit that I thought to myself- geeeez, I even forget the simple formulas! And I agree with everything Mandy said.


Mandy, we are so alike in letting our puzzles evolve. I am harder on myself when I force an idea like this one, but hey tha's okay. It makes the puzzles I like that much more of a celebration for me. Sometimes others don't feel that same energy, so it may turn out to be a flop by the number of solves, but it's still a winner in my eyes. I'm just amazed I'm able to do this at all. What a great medium for budding artistic talent. We don't have to worry about the flaws. because everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Thanks so much for the uplift. When I solved it, I also found it to be more difficult than expected, but it was fun. I'm going to bed now. Talk to you soon.


Judy - you deride yourself most unfairly - this is a lovely puzzle - and all those triangles and stripey lines in the background made for a lovely challenge - it wasn't as easy as it looked - the initial triangular shape remined me of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need triangle!!! I have to say I also find that trying to create with a plan doesn't work for me either, I have to let my puzzles morph into what they choose :~)


Now that was slick. It's probably the ONLY math puzzle you've ever seen, unless you include my ugly Sudoku puzzle. Maybe I'll do Pascal's treangle next. Boring! I know the puzzle is substandard, but I had to post it once I committed to the project. It took hours and I kept messing up, because I was feeling bad. See what you get when you plan and get stubborn about it? Enough of that. Winging it works best.


Judy, this is definitely the best looking math puzzle I've ever seen. ;-)

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