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Grandpuppy On The Beach

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  1. Dilubreuer0:13
  2. suemarie0:14
  3. petr64500:14
  4. BarbaraL0:14
  5. gemstone0:15
  6. tcummin0:15
  7. lelabugosi0:15
  8. Ianto0:15
  9. mariolyn0:15


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Better than you can, rojo2. Duh! You read as well as your illiterate hero.


@rojo2. Let me see. You are the only person who has a family. Suemarie is being 'hateful', by posting a picture of a pup that her daughter took. Using your twisted logic, you must think you're a nice guy.


Right, I don't have a family--that's a hired actress posing as my daughter.
You're really not worth the effort.


I didn't post a "hateful" comment--I criticized you for doing exactly what you criticized mycat and Julie for (although Julie was only defending me), bringing polarizing comments to a non-political puzzle. And I decided to remove it about a half hour later, last night. Your comment was still there earlier today, and I saw it several times as the day progressed. Only when I saw your comment here did I decide to quote your own words, only to find that you had erased them--quite a coincidence......
And I'm not the one who can't stand peace--I wasn't the first one to break the peace on either puzzle!

You just can't stand any kind of peace can you? You always try to bring out worst in everyone and you usually succeed, Suemarie

I erased mine after you erased your hateful comment. I'd be more than happy to put it back up. You willing to put yours back up?


Now I know why you erased your comment on the Don Rickles puzzle--the hypocrisy would have been too glaring! LOL!


@mycat. She doesn't call names like you do. She presents valid arguments. You just attack. ;-}


Proud of your puzzle, see, you can do something right without politics involved.. :-))




And he's loving it......


Woof, woof! (That means "Thank you, I'd like that!") :-)))


Hi gorgeous pup! *scratch behind the ears* (❛ᴗ❛)


Yes, he does, and he's lucky that my daughter lives only a few miles from many different beaches! :-)))


He must love to run on the beach.


Thanks so much, Faye and Francine--my daughter (his mommy) takes really good pics. :-)))


♥ Great photo too.


Aaaw...a cutie! :D

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