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Thinking of Spring ☺

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Dear Maddie, it's so nice to see a puzzle from you. I hope you are well. I like the fairy dust around the flowers :)Dotty


Ik ook, wij krijgen het morgen rond 14:00 uur. Kannie wachten, zeker nu we niet op wintervakantie gaan en er ligt zo veel daar in Oostenrijk. We blijven kijken naar de facebook posten vanuit Oostenrijk. We verbijten ons wel hoor, maar beter safe dan sorry.


Ja, dat klopt!!! Zo leuk, ik hoop dat er heel veel valt!! :-))))))))


Tis een mooi bloemetje Maddie, maar ik kijk toch echt uit naar morgen.


Iris :-)))))

Thanks so much, Jason. And I wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2021 too! :-))


Pretty :-)

Thank you, Maddie.

Hope that 2021 will be a Happy and Wonderful Year for you.

Stay safe, well and healthy.

Best regards,


Oh the enchanting fun we are having. Time for a happy dance of joy! ♥♥♥


Oh I decided just now that they áre butterflies :-))))))) So many of them! woohoo! :-))


I thought all those little dots were colorful butterflies. ☺


Yes, Latifa and Iris, I'll be so happy if you come and play, and fly, and yes, bring food! Don't care what it is, Iris brings the cookies, I'll bring the chips, and ice cream, and pie, Latifa can bring whatever she wants :-))))) Let's have some fun ! ♥☺♥☺♥☼♥☼♥☺♥☺♥

Thanks Ardy, spring will hopefully chase the dark times away (in combination with the vaccines..) Where do you see butterflies? Please help yourself to cookies and ice cream. Latifa and Iris are here, so there is food :-)))))) ☺♥☺


I like how you are thinking, Maddie. Lovely flowers, pretty butterflies? Warm sun. Thank you. ♥


Wow I want to play here too! I'll bring some strawberries and chocolate chip cookies! I am grinning ear to ear over this one! Do you hear the soft cheery music drifting through the flowers?☺♥☺


Hooray! I love the colors and all the texture ♥ It's beautiful, Maddie! The background is wonderful and the flowers too! I'll get some of my fairy dust (it makes us small and able to fly with our own beautiful, shimmery wings). We can all come play in this magical garden! What shall we bring to eat and drink?

Thanks so much for this magical image, my friend ♥♥♥

It's happy .•**•.♬ ♥❇♥♬.•**•.

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