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  1. PDANDREWS18:12
  2. Tins88819:28
  3. trueheartd20:43
  4. NeNe00321:11
  5. JASTOGO21:32
  6. Gramma1021:32
  7. cuteaz22:37
  8. brendacraft22:37
  9. laukat25:43
  10. JaneP00727:13


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Thank you, Lois, I really enjoyed this one too! Things are going pretty good around here and I'm so happy to hear that more or less the same from you. It's true that the weather can always be a challenge during wintertime, but you'll get to Vegas sometime I'm sure! So what are you doing in your attic? It's great about the woman's shelter, good for you!! You have so many grandkids and great-grandkids, it's overwhelming. I love chatting with you and I think of you too my friend, I care and send you a big hug! :-))


Hi luly, this is so cute, makes me tired and wanting to sleep. :-) I hope all is good witth you. All is going well here. We`ve had some beautiful weather, I hate the thought of winter coming. But it will & I`ll get through it. LOL Not sure yet when I`ll get to Vegas but its still on the list. I haven`t been on jigidi too much, I`m still working on my attic. I dropped off a lot of really good clothes at the woman`s shelter yesterday. Tomorrow is one of my great grand-daughters birthday, she will be 4. and I just learned today another grand-daughter is going to have a baby.. OMG!! I`ve lost count. I think that might be # 18. Well I just waned to chat with you for a while Instead I`ve chewed your ear ! LOL I think of you often and will stay in touch. Take care luly, I care my friend. hugs, Lois

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