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Ring & Tail: Let's Wake up Auntie TJ

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Yep, TJ was sound asleep on my lap until the 2 characters came up and decided to start a tussle. So much for the nap! ☺♥☺♥
I told you they are into everything!
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  1. babray3:23
  2. Impie3:25
  3. webpeggy3:25
  4. Erzulis4:13
  5. togocat4:25
  6. lindaleigh5:02
  7. beyondwords5:32
  8. healer246:35
  9. canalview6:37
  10. ajandfran6:37


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Patsy, the aunties are super protective and have been a big help to Jet.

I was wondering how the aunties and uncle were coping with the kittens. You've answered the question for Uncle Jamie. What about the aunties?

It is, but hard to film on video.


Oh that game would be fun to watch!

Peggy, when the kittens started getting active the 2 Aunties TJ & Colleen and Uncle Jamie were almost beside themselves and ran around with a panicked look on their faces. They hit about 7 weeks and fun Uncle Jamie came out, not there is a constant running game with littles jumping over bigs and vise versa!

Peggy, you are absolutely correct and they play rough! Those little kitten teeth and nails are like tacks!


Poor TJ thinks the little boogers just have no manners!

No doubt!


I'm sure they will one day when they find your bed is a good place to nap also...LOL

They are that and have made it all the way to the kitchen. For some reason they seem reluctant to get too far into the bedroom!


Aw, little rascals!;))♡

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23 October 2020 - 7 June 2014
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