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Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! Tu pure, o Principessa. . .

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Or - You've got me stinging the blues. . .
another baby stingray!
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Lol. It's funny isn't it? When we are little we look like our siblings, then as we become adults we lose some of the similarities - then - as we get older - my goodness - there it is again - we end up looking just like each other again! I've got pics of my mam when she was infant/junior school age + it's just like looking at me now - but not so much when I was that age! Got a photo of my granda when he served in WWII + it could literally be my brother who's now about the same age as our granda was on the photo. Showed it recently to my mam+even she got quite a surprise at the likeness, as it had been a long time since she'd seen that particular pic of her dad. ; )


(Still blushing!) I have a lot of old photos and it seems my sister had the same hat! I look at pictures of my mum and my niece and the similarities are amazing. At least they couldn't deny we were their off-spring LOL!


Ah no - what a bonny bairn. I'm the keeper of my family photos + I've a few of my mam and other relatives from around this time from your outfit. I adore those knitted bonnets, the shape reminds me of the snow babies. I don't have a great deal of photos of myself as a baby, but the few I have couldn't be anyone other than me! My last school photo I had just turned 15 + the only things changed are my hair which was always short as a kid (largely because I had so much my mam couldn't control it!) but now it's long + the rosey cheeks, which thankfully have faded - just a little bit over time. My mam's the same+she couldn't throw me away, I'm her spit! Lol. ; )


Blush blush..yes, 'tis I - not as cute as a little sting ray though (thank you)


Too True Brie! I Love your avatar- what a gorgeous baby - is this you? ; )


so sweet!
A bit like some humans really...


Lol - I know! Ironic, like the baby hippo i posted, that we find them sooo adorable when they're babies - yet both can be literally LETHAL when they become adults! ; )


How can anything be THIS cute?????


I posted a trio of the baby stingrays the other week - It's their faces - does me every time. Lol. ; )


Fab! Looks like he's wrapped up in a blanket!


Beautiful ! Thank you for posting !

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