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Baby tigers like boxes, too!
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  1. carrps16:39
  2. allison1117:20
  3. pholmes18:07
  4. margerhyner25:31
  5. Puggles123428:12
  6. canalview32:11
  7. Plumpossum1:25:05


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Sorry! I just hate people who kill endangered animals for kicks. Deleted.


carrps. I thought there weren't supposed to be politics on this site. Please remove it.

I can dream, can't i? The thought of returning anything to the "wild" terrifies me They are so ill prepared and there are so many predators - man being the worst......


Some folks think I have a pet tiger! Wrong!


Oh, that's so sad. Thanks for clarifying, pholmes.


I hope you read my post that explains this. Some cubs were taken from their captive mothers because they would eat them! They had no idea what they were, having been raised in captivity, with no "tiger training" from their own mothers. Sadly, these precious cubs could not be released in the wild, where their numbers are decreasing. Again, they have no knowledge of survival on their own. Most went to wildlife sanctuaries.


Aw, tiger in a box. People who keep exotics are idiots and should be shamed.


A cutie....


I worked for a Vet who took care of little tiger cubs when they were rescued from idiots. We got to keep them in our reception area, so they would become socialized. They went home with the Vet every night.

And what is a baby tiger doing in your house / office? Cute little guy - need a foster parent? LOL

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