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A New Bed

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Nothing wrong with the old bed, just was left behind. No problem. Gracie Bella loves the new one. When adopted, she came with a dog bed. This one is over 2 feet in diameter, so a little smaller. (165 pieces also.)
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@nanlein Very true - they also are great at ignoring us if we don't come home "on time." My dogs howl their greetings as if they thought we were lost, then found. Cats? Who said we had cats :) ?


cats do seem to appreciate a routine. just try to sleep past breakfast time!


@nanlein Thank you, but it did take awhile. She had known her first family since born (Mother cat was of another family member). She was so sad and scared. Now she is so cuddly and attentive. In the morning, she first lays on the bathroom sink countertop until I greet her. Then dogs go out while she waits for her breakfast. Gracie Bella likes routine. It gives her comfort.


she must awaken every day with joy now that she has you!

Well, I was kind of forced to make the choice to live in a student neighborhood. Right now, because of the pandemic they're taking online courses and they can party any day they like.


@motherofsleep44 One hears this often with college or university cities and towns - the partying and drinking gets out of hand on weekends. Never quite understood the need even when I was a student - was not part of that crowd. Sorry it affects your life.

I should have explained. The "woman" was probably a college student. We have a state university in town. She was doing this at about 2 a.m. This is the usual hour for students to do interesting stuff. They seem to think no one can hear them. She may have been yelling at her boyfriend or--her dog. A fence blocked my view of what, exactly, was going on. If it was her boyfriend he was probably drunk and he may have deserved it. If it was her dog--well, that's another thing.


@motherofsleep44 It is awful not to sleep well. My problem is not having the time to sleep - stay up too late, get up too early. Trying to change.

Bet that person was screaming at her children and on a Sunday! And outside! Can only imagine what goes on inside the house (can't call it a home).

Gracie Bella had a rough time when she left her first family. I felt her little heart was broken for awhile. As a result, I tend to spoil her.

I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I only get about 5 hours of sleep a night and last Sunday morning I was awakened by someone in the street screaming, "GET IN THE F******G CAR RIGHT NOW!!! over and over again. It seemed like she went on about this for about an hour.

I wish I were as happy and comfortable (and cute!) as Gracie Bella.

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