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Autumn Gourds! (med)

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  1. Kate993:39
  2. mommaj0574:00
  3. Troodle4:55
  4. mariasha5:36
  5. dkektk5:46
  6. Boog5:50
  7. harryp5:57
  8. sairbair6:13
  9. sheilatw6:16
  10. theyalsoserve6:28


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We never planted gourds, so I am really jealous. As a kid I had no idea what they were, or how amazingly beautiful they are! And such a variety of colors, sizes and designs....WOW!
And, you are still on the board! Yay!


Barb - These gourds inspired me so much that I know you can count on a few more autumn puzzles. After all - we can go through Thanksgiving with these colors, can't we? And return in the spring, why not!
Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!


Mariasha - I know you are surrounded by as much of the season's beauty as I am. It is just such a beautiful time of year - my favorite! Thank you for liking this one so much. The gourds did it - not me!


This is definitely more difficult than some but so, so nice. I've always liked gourds. I used to plant them in our backyard garden when I was a kid. Thanks, Jan. At this moment 9:45 is good for #9.


Another wonderful autumn puzzle, Jan! Hoping you might have a couple more of these autumn beauties for us in the coming days/ :-)'s constantly amazing to me how gorgeous stuff comes out when you kaleido it. These are really stunning, the colors, the shapes, the depth and texture! This is the epitome of autumnal beauty...thank you Jan!


In the center is an image of fall gourds. All of the surrounding kaleidoscopes were made from that image!

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