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Moroccan pottery

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In Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we visit this beautiful shop full of Moroccan pottery.

Moroccan pottery is an exquisite tapestry of cultural craftsmanship, melding Berber, Arab, Roman, and Spanish influences into a vibrant art form that is as functional as it is beautiful. Central to Moroccan culture, pottery craftsmanship is often a familial legacy, deeply rooted in the communities of Fes and Safi—each known for their distinctive styles.

Fes is celebrated for its elegant blue and white pottery, which is distinguished by a rich cobalt blue glaze that has become synonymous with Moroccan ceramics. In contrast, Safi, often referred to as the pottery capital, dazzles with its use of vivid greens and assorted colors, crafting pieces that are both striking and eclectic.

The creation process itself is a dance of tradition and skill, involving a kick-wheel to mold the clay and meticulous hand-painting for detailed embellishments. Moroccan designs are typically geometric or floral, adhering to Islamic art's avoidance of animate figures, with calligraphic art also featuring prominently.

Innovations such as the Raku firing technique, borrowed from Japanese craftsmen, introduce a modern twist to the traditional, giving Moroccan pottery its characteristic crackled texture.

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  2. mvt2:50
  3. MagdaDeka3:28
  4. Clementoni4:24
  5. Druimisla4:25
  6. Peninsula4:38
  7. kernow4:38
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Beautiful! Especially the cobalt blue tanjine.

Thank you Jigidi. 😁


Gorgeous, I'll take one of each! Thanks for a fun solve, @Jigidi!!

I had a Moroccan tajine several moves ago. I have no one to cook for these days, but I still miss it sometimes. It was red-orange!


Thank you. 6-23-24

Loved this one, thank you! :)


I love using my tajine.. great puzzle

Beautiful---love all the colors.


IT TAKES A LOT OF TALENT TO DO THIS. I've read that Moroccan: is spread it on the ground to dry it for 48 hours. Then, they mix the clay with their feet, knead it by hand to get homogeneous lumps. After painting ceramics and letting your piece air dry, they apply several layers of glaze and fire your piece in an oven or a kiln. This step isn't necessary, but it will ensure that your beautiful piece lasts even longer.

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