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Shadow and Sophie. Smaller.

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We have had a terrible mouse plague and being an old wooden house the mice were popping in in various places around the house. Shadow and Sophie thought they were great fun. Julian has been busy blocking up little holes all around the house and we seem to have got on top of them visiting. Here the two cats were hoping a little one might pop in under the door. Very unlikely!
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Thanks alias. ♥



Maureen it seems to have settled the mice now as we are having very cold weather. I hope so! I think mice will eat anything! Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥


Sorry cars were disappointed but glad you got your hand on the plague .
I think our mouse has gone but what a wily creature it was.
Eating my plants roots. I never knew they would do that.
We live and learn more each day. Hugs 😊❤❤


The problem is Suzy that they just play with the mice and then lose them somewhere in the house. hugs to you. ♥


Happy mousers!!! What a cute pair they are, Janet...and the perfect solution to mice popping in unwanted. Hugs!


Thanks Val, I am feeling much better today. ♥♥♥


Hope you feel better soon ♥♥♥


Yes we used steel wool cleaners too, the mice can't chew them! I will try and post them more often, Daasha, commented too that I hadn't posted them for a while. Julian took them to the vet this morning. Shadow just cried but Sophie really fussed. She doesn't like anything different. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


How Lovely to see Shadow and Sophie again, looking so happy and healthy, you have made a wonderful home for them. Sorry about your Mice infestation hope once you find Sophie's mislaid one that will be it. we had to put steel wool pot cleaners in our holes to stop mice years ago never had any since. Hugs my friend ♥♥♥


I will try to post them more often Daasha, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them.
Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Thanks Barb, we seem to have one more mouse! Sophie caught it yesterday and then lost it! You can read my comment to Jana. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥☺♥


Yes Jana every mouse that they catch they let go in the house. We have one in my sewing room now, so have set the trap inside a box so that the cats can't touch it. I do NOT want a mouse in my fabric. I remember you telling us about that lizard. We do have some lovely sun today Jana, but I have a cold so I'm staying inside. Thanks and hugs my friend, ♥♥♥

Janet, your cats haven't been here in a long time. I believe they had fun, unlike you. I'm glad to see them again. Are beautiful. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


So sorry about your mouse problem, Janet but the cats are beautiful. Happy to hear that the mice went someplace else. Let them stay there forever. Hugs to you my friend ☺♥♥


Smart cats☺☺☺ We have it differently here. Until we had cats, we didn't have mice in the house. Ever since we have Max, we often have a mouse at home. Max wears them as a gift to me and is very proud to put it at my feet. He brought me a lizard once. It took me three weeks to catch her and release them back to nature.. Enjoy a beautiful day. I'm sending you a sun so you don't feel sad, hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Anny I was very disappointed that Molly had one just today and lost it..... More trap setting! Hugs my friend. ♥


So glad you have had no mice for a little while Janet. Hugs my friend ❤


Thanks Janandchris, yes we haven't had any for days now. Hoping the cold has sorted them out. hugs. ♥


Thanks Rebekka, I'm amazed that it made your news. It has been particularly bad for the farmers. Yes I'm still feeling miserable with my cold but no CV. That seems to be the first thing we think of now. Hugs my friend. ♥♥


Thanks redina, yes they have loved having the mice, but they don't eat them. Luckily with the colder weather the mice seem to be calming down now. They were getting into a drawer in the bathroom and eating the soap! hugs my friend. ♥


Thanks so much Nev, they go back hopefully to the places that have been blocked, like the place where my NBN cables comes up from under the house, Julian has put a little block of wood into the gap. No luck for hopeful cats. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Two gorgeous Kitties! Thank you. Sorry about the mice, hopefully they have gone somewhere else.


Jan, I saw something about this on the news, and I could hardly believe how bad the problem had become! They showed farming communities that were literally overrun with mice -- they were everywhere, inside the house and out. I'm so happy to hear that you're on top of things now.

Also, I'm so thankful that you tested negative for C.V. :-)


Cats are wonderful for keeping the mice away. We lived in the country in Oklahoma, and some time after our 13 year old cat was put down, I opened a desk drawer and found three hairless newborn mice in a bed of shredded paper. We got another cat and that solved the problem. Your cats are earning their keep and are so cute, too. TFS


Janet, Sophie and Shadow's "mousecapades" gave me a good laugh! :-))) ♥♥♥


Thanks Mary, yes they are sweet. Cheers, Janet.


Thanks Jill, now that the cold weather has started they seem to have quietened down here now. Our local stock agent has lost thousands of dollars of seed and stock feed from mice chewing the bags open.
Sophie often lies like that. Hugs my friend. ♥


Jacki, Sophie usually sits like that and we tell her how beautiful she is! Thanks and hugs to you. ♥


Thanks Shirley, the problem was that they would catch one and then it would escape under the furniture! None for a while now, thank goodness. Hugs ♥


Such cute kitties Hope they keep the mice out of your house.I have a cat who crosses his front paws when he sleeps .


Such a cute photo with them both obligingly looking at you. I too love the crossed paws. Sorry about the mice, what a pain for you. Thanks and hugs


Beautiful! I love the crosing the front paws bit. We had a cat who always crossed her front paws when she lay down. thank you Janet and hugs to you


The mice seem to be terrible everywhere Janet, hoping this cold snap will get rid of them, good thing you have Shadow and Sophie to spot them :) Thanks for the post.♥

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29 December 2018 - 16 October 2014
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