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  2. Harno0:28
  3. alliebono0:34
  4. Robbos0:34
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  7. mariolyn0:42
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Yes, it is a hydrangea, Ardy. I like this kind better than the cold ones also. I am just NOT a winter person. I don't tolerate the heat like I once did, but it is still much better than the cold and snow. I'm about ready to go out to the garden and weed. Daylight is approaching. It didn't get very cool last night. It's 76 degrees here at 5:20 am. I will weed awhile, then head for the gym. Glad you enjoyed the flowers.


Sandi, are these a type of hydrangea? I much prefer this kind of snowball to the cold ones. ☺ Thanks, Sandi for sharing your flowers today. It's been a lovely walk through your garden. Have a good day. Stay cool.


Lovely flowers, I have not seen these before.


You are most welcome, Barb. The flowers are so much fun to grow. I grow most of them from seeds in my greenhouse, but some of them like the snowball, come from cuttings. My niece gave the the snowball start. I'm glad you enjoy them.


Lovely, big puffy flowers ... so happy they aren't really snowballs (lol). Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers today, Sandi. :-)

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