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“Spotted dove in Singapore”

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“Kannan A of Singapore wrote: "I was observing a sole Spotted dove (Streptopelia chinensis) resting on a street lamp post. The sun had just risen an hour earlier, when this bird raised one of its wings up high to expose the feathers from its inner surface to the sun‘s rays. It held up its wing for about a minute, before lowering it. It was rather unusual to see a dove doing this, and I was fortunate to have 'spotted' the spotted dove!" Lovely, Kannan. Thank you!”

Courtesy of EarthSky


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Maybe he needed to dry his B.O.


I can't imagine it getting very cool in Singapore, but I guess it's all relative. You're welcome, Gayle!


Serene! The warm sun must have felt good on his wingpit. Thanks, Bill!


Haha, Marilee!

Yes, they do, Rebecca. Until you get a real owl near your window and realize how LOUD they are!


For a while I was convinced there was an owl nearby, until one night I got up and tiptoed out hoping to see it, and instead found a mourning dove nesting under my window. Cooing sounds surprisingly like hooting.


A type example of the phrase "creature comforts"


That's a delightful coo. I enjoy waking to the sounds of doves cooing. Alas, their time is passed for this season. Thanks, Rebecca.


I'm not sure why a spotted dove would need to dry its wings. Maybe this one just likes the warmth of the sunshine on hers. I'm glad you enjoyed this puzzle, mereagle, and thanks for saying so!


This bird has a most unusual, elaborate "coo"!


Nice photo, e-bird says Spotted Doves are found in Asia, Australia and Southern California. Anhingas open their wings to dry them. This Dove seems to be enjoying herself. Thanks to Kannan and you for nice puzzle !!


You're welcome, Wendy. Kannan says he shot this with a real camera, a Nikon Coolpix P900. You can see more of his photos at the image copyright.


I'm glad you like it, Patti. And you're welcome!


Thanks, Donna. It really hasn't been smoky where I live lately.

Neat photo! I appreciate how many excellent photos are available now since so many carry cell phones with wonderful cameras with them, so they are available all the time. This of course may have been taken with a "real" camera. Thanks for this, Bill and Kannan!


Gorgeous photo!
And of course glad to hear of your good air quality.


I agree with the sentiments expressed by Cyndi & Mandato.
I am glad that you have some rain to wash away all the extending pollution from the fires.


No, in fact, the current air quality is good, though it is overcast and raining very lightly.


Glad to hear it isn't presently smoky where you are.....Great news


I thought this photo was lovely. I'm glad you liked it too, mandato. You're most welcome!


Oooh nice! What an 'eye' Kannan has and the
skill to take this simply elegant photo.
Glad you spotted it too and shared it Bill_I_Am. Thank you.


You're welcome, Cyndi.

It's not presently smoky where I live. But over the past month or more, there have been many times when the smoke was at unhealthy levels.


What a beautiful bird and an amazing once in a lifetime shot. Thanks to Kannan and to you Bill for posting it.

On another note are you getting all of the smoke from the fires in Colorado? Please stay safe and well.....