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Boring puzzle of the night: "Historic fastening device"

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Not much to describe here. Have fun, Dclo
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Slow doesn't matter PW, long as you are getting to enjoy your "me time". Thanks, Dave


I was able to "nail" this puzzle easily, if slowly.


Hey Merrie, I never heard of the purposeful burning? Wow what a waste but I didn't live back then either. I guess lumber was like the buffalo, so much so many that they felt like they had the right to completely use and abuse w/out thinking of the future. Talk later M, D

It sure looks like a hand-made nail to me. I had also heard about folks burning the buildings to retrieve the nails because the nails were very expensive and everyone figured there would be plenty of trees to make their own lumber when they decided to set up another farm. I would be upset to have to burn down the buildings that I had probably helped to build, then travel for months and build more buildings. --M


PJFM, I BELIEVE if I remember correctly that this nail came from our family's one old dairy barn? About six years ago or so we tore off some of the old rotten wooden siding, my Bro bought the farm off of extended family, to replace with new lumber. I THINK that particular barn, south central PA, would have been from mid 1850's or so? We should have "had our heads checked for damage" on what was done w/ the long, still good parts of the old lumber siding, please don't ask. Ps. Cool about the spike. Thanks for "pushing the history" PJFM. Ole Davey boy


Now Dclo, there is a lot of history behind this, it is a very old nail, isn't it???
Did you find it, somewhere In Pennyslvania? It may be untold history, but
if it could tell stories of how or where it was used, you would be surprised.
: ) I have a railroad spike , with the year of my birth on it. I am sure there
is a story behind that, but I think your old nail would have a more interesting
history. Of course, you know that when people moved to another location,
more likely another state, that they burned down the house or barn and
collected the nails to use in another location. You just never know............

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