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Botanical Gardens

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Edinburgh, Scotland.

The lotus flower plant is an aquatic perennial. Sometimes mistaken for the water-lily, the lotus has a distinctively different structure. It also only comes in pink hues or white, whereas the lily comes in many different colours
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aaaaa how sweet!!! :-)


I always do, Allie - they are interesting, beautiful and good to solve. Thanks for all of them!!


The seed pods can be seen at most florists shop - they are used in arrangements and bouquets quite a lot. Glad you enjoyed my puzzle Celine :-) x


What a fascinating plant! These leaves look like they are the size of a car tire - and the seed vessels are not a common sight as well! Thanks for an unusual foto of the lotus flower!


You're very welcome Pam :-) I'm having a break from posting new puzzles at the moment but will start again soon :-) Thanks x


I'm enjoying solving a nice number of your 12-piece puzzles today, Allie, including this one. Thank you for all your interesting puzzle posts! 😊

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