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Common Gallinule, Discovery Lake, San Marcos, California

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Their cousins, the coots, are out in the open water, but the gallinules usually hang out in the reeds, impossible to photograph. I was lucky that this one was willing to be tempted out for a few seconds by duck food!
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  4. Ginni21:02
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Thanks, canoekaw!


Everyone else has said it all, great photo.


Thanks, Jacki!


They are elusive to me too, Patsy! The serious Audubon birders only see one or two gallinules in a year along the coastal river trails where I've patrolled for 12 years. They seem to be full-time residents here at Discovery Lake, but are seldom out in the open. This is a very short trail, less than a mile around the manmade "lake," but I will probably visit it at least once a week after I move, and I do carry healthy duck food where feeding is allowed, so I may see more of them.


Great shot Ginni -- as usual! ;-)

Great photo of this elusive bird. Maybe common, but new to me. I just read that they are good swimmers but also like to walk on vegetation floating on the water.


I'm reedy glad you like it, Ed!


I love how the shot showed off the splayed toes, Ardy. Pure luck, but I'll take it! :-)


That's a reedy nice picture.


Looks like he's moving right along. Neat reflection of the bill. That's one big foot you caught there. Thanks, Ginni.

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