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Alex's toy - the figurine from the movie "The Black Stallion"

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Bucephalus statue (Alexander the Great's horse), as played with by the little boy in The Black Stallion".

Bucephalus was Alexander the Great's favourite horse, he tamed it as a boy and rode him on his campaigns until the horse's death after a battle, in 326BCE
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Read the book, didn't know there was a movie. Interesting statue.




you're right, Heidi, I forgot. I was pretty young when I saw it. That said, I had read the book first :)

My specific memory of it was him playing with it on the sand, and then the Black comes roaring down the beach...

Didn't Alec risk his life, freeing the Black from some kind of bondage in his stall, as the ship foundered?


Never thought of it as his ''toy''. His father won that valuable figurine in a poker game on board ship shortly before the ship went down, taking Alec's father with it, and shipwrecking Alec and The Black on the island where they bonded.


I'll be lookin' to the future!


LOL, Julie, for now this is a semi - private puzzle, only way to find it is the link from your page. At some time in future I may publish it.

I remember the scene where Alex plays with the statue on the steamer, and again when the Black gallops across the shore after the wreck. The image of the little boy with his proud horse toy...


Did your little statuette and found it enjoyable. I take my time on puzzles, complete the frame first, while I'm stacking up the other pieces. Then put them in. Had to laugh. I finished and a notice popped up saying "I'm the fastest" to do this puzzle. No one else is named yet (Ha!). Julie

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