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Omelet my son made and it was delicious. :-)
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  2. Jyj2:45
  3. laurajane2:55
  4. jasonchung3:09
  5. yarnover3:32
  6. dize54:23
  7. platypus604:23
  8. Jaklien4:25
  9. greygorre4:28
  10. Telesto20164:30


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Thank you very much glorya for stopping by to check out my son's Omelet. We really enjoy it and it is so nice and fluffy when it comes out of the pan. This one has had time to set a few minutes and isn't as fluffy, but it IS delicious. :) I am so sorry you lost your taste while in the hospital. I think it must be the anesthesia, or it was for me one time and I couldn't taste anything for 2 or 3 weeks. I had to force down my food. (ha) That is such a sweet compliment about my son coming over and cooking you an Omelet -- I'm sure he would be happy to if he could. He also likes to fix hot or spicy food at times but he is careful because I DO NOT eat that kind of food so he lays off the "hot and spicy" now. :)) Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to "see" more from you in 2017 on Jigidi. :))

Like the omelet and the jelly bread and I can almost smell it. I have 3 sons and all they make is the hot spicy stuff. After being in the hospital for over a week I lost my apatite and just now getting back to liking food. Your son can come over and make me an omelet any time. Thanks.


Thank you Donna for keeping in touch. Now, I have 2 pages of puzzles with a total of 48 puzzles.


I found the "Old Country Store" you posted for me and I LOVED it and left you a message on it. Thank you for posting it for me. It and some of the others were much fun for me. :)) Hope to visit you again soon.


Donna, I have read all your messages and comments and I feel very encouraged, especially since I started posting puzzles only from 6 December this year.

Thank you for visiting my puzzle site and for taking a look and solving some of the puzzles. I hope it was fun for you.


Glad you stopped by Jason. Yes, it really IS yummy. :)) I went to your site and found the puzzle you posted for me and solved it and several others on your site. Thank you and it is good to see you.


Thank you Donna. This looks delicious. Yummy.

I have posted a Christmas puzzle for you "Old Country Store at Christmastime - especially for dblay". Category - Seasonal. Size - 12 pieces. Just click on my username which appears at the top of this comment and it will bring you to puzzles posted by me.

I hope you will like and enjoy it.


Oh Donna! How sweet of you! You can copy and paste the link in direction bar!
I'm so happy to know you, the best friend of Tere! I appreciate you so much, and have you in my thoughts and prayers always!
Lot of love to you dear Donna!


Oh, I'm so glad you told me who you were, Cecilia. It is good to know Teresa's sister. I use my son's computer and he is very careful about clicking on websites he does not know. When you sent me the website about a "surprise puzzle" for Teresa, I was afraid to click on it. Now I will try it. So happy you came by again and I hope to see more of you in coming days. Have a beautiful day.


Hi Donna!!! I'm Tere's sister (tere_a1) and I know she loves you so much and you are so special for her!!! I pray for you everyday!!! Thanks for being a wonderful friend for my sister!!! GOD bless you Donna!!!


Thank you CECE1974. Glad you dropped by.
Annie, I check your puzzles each day and when you are there, I always answer and talk to you, so I hope you have found them. :)) I'm fine and usually on Jigidi every morning except when I have an appt. in town. (ha) Yes, the Omelette IS delicious and it looks dark on the picture but it is really a lovely yellow color and quite fluffy when it is taken out of the stove. :)


Donna (@dblay) this is a link for a surprise puzzle to Teresa:


This omelette looks DELIOUS!! Haven't heard from you in a week. Now I'm praying that you are ok. Please stop by and let me know my friend. Miss you.


Donna this is a link for a surprise puzzle to Teresa:


Thank you, dize5, for dropping in and checking out my "site." Hope you like Omelets. :-)) Have a good day.




I hope you enjoy it when you do, Andrew2. Folks have different tastes but jelly and toast are really good with Omelette. Good luck!


Thanks for sharing. I love omelette but have never got round to trying it with toast and jam.might give it a try!


Glad you liked this, Marian. The Omelet is fluffier than it looks when it is just taken out of the oven and my son loves jelly and toast with his "eggs." :-) In fact, sometimes I do too - that sweet tooth, as you said. :)) Thanks for finding this and commenting.
Jaklien: Yes, jelly and toast tastes really good with scrambled (or any kind) of eggs. To us, anyway. :-)) Thanks for dropping in and liking my post.


Hi Donna...this sure looks good to me - I think the sweetness of the jam alongside it would be delicious, but then I have somewhat of a sweet glad you posted this picture...:)


Omelet with jam? Anyway, it looks good!

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