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John's Virtual Birthday Party - All Are Welcome (Apr20P08)

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“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”
- William Blake

I have drawn this puzzle to celebrate, my best friend, John's birthday on 4 April, 2020.

Since today is John's birthday, let us all concentrate on happy and positive things and events only. Let us just leave the real world outside and enjoy this virtual party.

Come friends, let us gather round and toast to the birthday boy.

John, here is a toast for you. I wish you good health, happiness and a fulfilled life.
Cheers, everyone. A votre santé.

Last night, all of you have arrived safely at a 5 star hotel in Nice, France.

When you entered your hotel room, you would have found a lovely floral display at the dressing table.

On the coffee table, are gifts of a pair of good, comfortable walking shoes contained in a lovely box. Next to it is a hat, sunglasses and a tote bag.

A gorgeous box of Valrhona French premium chocolate awaits you at the bedside table.

You had a lovely dinner and a refreshing night sleep.

As this is a Virtual Birthday Party, everywhere that we go are virus free and totally safe. Everyone is healthy, fit and strong, positive and happy. No social distancing is required.

It is now 5.50am, Saturday, 4 April 2020 and we are all in Nice, France.

Let us enjoy one of Nice's nicest pleasures -the most famous market area : Cours Selaya which is located between Place Massena and Vieux Nice (Old Town).

We shall wander around the Marche aux Fleurs Cours Saleya which opens at 6am to avoid the crowds so that we can easily wander around this place.

Let us savour the lovely sight of all the gorgeous blooms and delight our sense of smell with the aromas of flowers and spices.

We can buy flowers, spices, souvenirs, etc from vendors, shops, boutiques. No worries, the Virtual Organiser for John's Virtual Birthday Party said that he will pick up all the tabs.

He will also pay for our breakfast bills at one of the cafes at the Cours Saleya. This cafe has a good choice of breakfast items, excellent service and good ambiance. Just select whatever you like from the menu.

After breakfast, we will continue to browse the flowers, fruits, vegetables and local products from inland Nice at this open air market. The colours and scents will delight our eyes and nose. We will feel the joy of life with the lively ambience.

Standing under the shade of pretty striped awnings of the stores will provide some relief from the sun while we take a closer look at what the vendors have to offer or when selecting the items that we would like to purchase.

The sight of all the floral displays and the fragrances of all the flowers are just heavenly. We can also have a chat with the florists and hoticulturists and seek their advice on how to take care of flowers. John and I love flowers :-) We hope that you all like flowers, too :-)

As we walk through this charming market and soak in the warm and friendly atmosphere, we will notice that the vegetables are fresh, vibrantly coloured and are nicely displayed.

The scent of the herbs and spices are just wonderful.

We will come across vendors selling souvenirs - lovely lavender products. soaps and fragrances, wood craft items and homemade olive oils, etc.

As we continue to walk through this lovely market with its great atmosphere and colours, we will come across some great local food.

Let us try some Socca which is a traditional dish from Nice, from a street side store. We will see it being prepared on a fiery grill. This flatbread is then coarsely chopped and served in a cone with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Enjoy.

We can also try the local onion tart and pan bagna.

Now, my dear friends, let us just enjoy our stroll as we browse at this famous lovely open-air market.

I will be back later (in real time about 12 hours later ). I will then continue with the itinerary for the afternoon (virtual time). You will see this itinerary beginning the salution "Dear Friends and Jigidiers"

So, see you all, later.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 99, 238 and 320 pieces.

I hope that all of you will have a fun time piecing this puzzle together.

Cheerio and Birthday Smiles,
Jason :-)

While these are the puzzles that feature the continuation of this April Virtual Birthday Party :

and the finale of the party is located at

PS : As this is a birthday puzzle, please keep all comments positive and auspicious (as I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays - especially, please do not mention or write anything that has to do with the opposite of being healthy, alive, well or living). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Thank you, Marina for your birthday greetings to John :-)

Please take good care of yourself and stay safe and well.

Smiles and Greetings,
Jason and John :-))


Happy belated birthday dear John. Take care of you and yours.


Happy to hear that it was a fun day for you, Robin.

More coming up - in the next few days :-0

Smiles of More Adventures,
Jason and John :-))


A fun day. Thanks! :)


Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

I have created and posted a new puzzle to continue the celebration of John's Virtual Birthday Party in Nice.

This 12 pieces puzzle is located at

I hope that you will enjoy solving this puzzle and continue with the fun and excitement of exploring Nice.

Do come over, soon.

Jason :-)


Petsmom, it was good and informative. I felt good in my dancewear and was happy to be able to see my own dance movements.


I hope your video dance conference is a success, Jason.


Dear Friends,

I will have to sign off now as my video dance conference with my dance instructor is about to start in a couple of minutes.

See you later tonight (or your morning) about 12 hours from now (in real time) when I will post a new puzzle to continue with John's birthday celebration. It will be available in small size only.

And thank you for your co-operation in keeping this virtual birthday puzzle a positive and fun place for us to spend some time together (and for keeping the opposite of positive, and the opposite of happy events of the real world outside).

Jason :-)



John and I have just read your message and we love it :-)

We love that you are enjoying yourself with all the wonderful things that Nice has to offer.

More activities will be coming up soon. If I (Jason) can manage to post another puzzle as a continuation of this virtual birthdday party puzzle in an hour and a half from now, otherwise, I will post it when I return home tonight (in real time - which will be about more than 12 hours from now). Let us just see how things will work out as I have a video dance conference with my dance instructor to attend to in about an hour and a half from now (in real time).

John : "Hi Petsmom, it is Jason who is doing all the hosting. I am just enjoying myself among all of you :-0 "

Love and Hugs,

Jason and John,
8.08am, Wednesday, 8 April 2020.
However, at this virtual birthday party it is still the morning of 4 April 2020.



No worries, John and I do have time for a little chat with you.

Remember to rest whenever you can. Take a short break. Have a seat. Have a drink to rehydrate yourself. Remember, you will be my (Jason's) first dance partner for the ballroom dance which in virtual time, it will be on the night of 4 April 2020. In the real world, it will be a few days from now. I think that you already got the hang of how things are working in this virtual party of John's.

I know that your grandson, Ryan is taking good care of you.

We love the sight of grandma and grandson spending time together and mingling with friends at the party, too.

Nancy, let me show you a few ballroom dance moves. Your friends will love it and will be amazed by your elegant movements and turns

Yes, yes, just hold your body up and relax. Now turn your head slightly to this side. Just slightly more this way. Now, let your eyes relax and look at where I am holding up my finger. There you are, you got it, Nancy. An elegant pose. Now, for the turns ...

John : "Oh, Jason and Nancy. You know, Nancy are going to be the Belle of the Ball."


A continued Happy Birthday, John. Wow! This is some great party, Jason. I'm having so much fun that I hardly have time to write. There is so much to see and so much to do in Nice. Meeting everyone is great. The food, pastries, and desserts... Oh my. I'm glad that time is slowed down for John's virtual party. Jason and John, you are wonderful hosts. I will remember this party for a long time. I'm happy that you're friends and that you're sharing your festivities with us. Gotta go. So much more to see and so many more friends to talk to. See you here and there.


Thank you John for your kind replies to all your guests. I am so happy that you are having a great Birthday week** All your guests are having a great time!!! You and Jason are very gracious! You really should start an Event Planning business*!*
I wish continued good health and happiness for you both. I am proud to count you as friends ***
I know you are very busy also, so there is no need to reply :-)))


Chelsey, thank you for your lovely message and for reponding to John's chat with you :-)


Thank you Sparky for your message.

After this virtual birthday party for John and once his celebrations have come to an end, I will not be drawing and posting any more individual birthday parties as they can be too physically tiring for me.

There is no need to reply to this comment.


@jasonchung2 - oh so good to hear from you dear John and am so happy you are well and having a wonderful party which we are all still celebrating from our dear jason xxx my 60th today was spent with my loving hubby and watsup calls from our kids and grandsons - was also spoiled rotten and had all my meals made and served to me ☺☺☺we are so fortunate to have our loved ones taking care of us ♥♥♥ God Bless Everyone here and just be happy and healthy ♥☺♥ loving hugs from brightspark and sparklightie (Jason sure you must be pretty exhausted from all your marvellous planning and hosting of another Awesome birthday for our John -(now you can both relax and take it easy ) xxx


This is a wonderful birthday present for you, John, to be back home, feeling better and celebrating your birthday with yours and Jason's friends. Have a great time on your birthday party!!!!!

Thank you, Jason, for letting John to use your account.


Dear Friends,

Thank for you attending the virtual birthday party that my best friend, Jason has organised for me.

It is wonderful to see all of you here and thank you for all your birthday greetings and wishes. Thank you, too for your prayers from 12 January till today, too.

Let me have a chat with each of you :

Pat, thank you for your wonderful wisdom. May you be blessed with good health and joy. Please, take good care of yourself.

Iris, thank you for your uplifting spirits and for making this virtual party real.

Dusty, I see that you are having a good time in Nice. It is a lovely city with lots of places to explore. We will be seeing more of it soon (as soon as Jason can manage to arrange for it).

Clive, I see that you have already headed for a stroll along the beach. Jason told me that we all will be going there later.

Robin, you have chosen a pretty panel - pink skies, blue sea, white cloud, bright sun and two birds flying. I saw Jason drawing this picture. It is a lovely one.

Lunie, I am sure that you enjoyed your tour of the floral market in Nice as you love and
know so much about flowers.

Cyndi, thank you for your birthday wish for me. I do hope to have many more birthdays.

Suzy, you mentioned about dancing shoes. Yes, I will put them on if you will dance with me, my lady.

Irene, I hope that you have a good time browsing through stalls that sell paintings, art galleries and art museums in Nice.

Parson, I am blessed to have a best buddy like Jason. I am blessed to have many friends at Jigidi, too.

Bev, welcome to this virtual birthday party. Jason told me that you are a sweet lady and that during the Winter months, he will call you "my Snow Queen".

Sparky, I love this puzzle that Jason has drawn for my virtual birthday party. It is lovely and I am glad that you like it, too.

Nancy, thank you for your kisses and hugs. Let me give you a bear hug. And I must thank your grandson, Ryan for playing French music on his laptop to celebrate my birthday. I feel so honoured. Is that the flower that Jason has pinned on your hair. Very pretty and it made you look fresh and happy.

Irena, welcome. It is true that Jason has made a lot of effort in organising this virtual birthday party for me. He is still working on it as he told me that he is in the process of planning a few more activities before the party ends (in a few days time, maybe).

Willy, this party is great and I am glad that you are here.

Val and Jim, I am happy that both of you are pleased with all the arrangements that Jason has made for the party and that you are having a good time in Nice.

Chelsey and Chelsey, thank you for being here. Come here Chelsey, my furry friend, my hula dancer at my virtual birthday party held last year at Hawaii. I see that you have found the catnip toy that Jason has hidden. Chelsey I am glad that you have bought Chelsey with you to this event in Nice and that both of you are happy to be here.

Thank you Francine. This virtual birthday is great. I hope that you are having a great time here.

Nanab, it is delightful to hear that you are having a wonderful time at this celebration.

Petsmom, no worries, because no one is ever late for a virtual birthday party - that is what Jason told me. He also said that no matter which day the real world is, it will always be 4 April at this particular birthday puzzle.

Ryan, thank you for playing French music on your laptop to celebrate my birthday. It is so appropriate for we are in Nice, France. You are a talented person.

Pam, the French pastries that we have for breakfast were great. Yummy.

Donna, I am happy to see you at this birthday party and know that you will meet many friends here.

Jeri, I am glad that you are enjoying your trip to Nice and the delicious food, too.

Dave, what a spectacular entrance you made. We could have made a movie on it. Everyone enjoyed your arrival on the Magic Carpet. I certainly do.

Friends, please continue to enjoy the party.

Cheers everyone. To your good health and happiness.

With Appreciation,
John (using Jason's account).


Dear Iris,

It is truly a joy to have you at this virtual birthday party for John.

You are so participative and responsive :))

It is good to know that you are still exploring Nice and enjoying all that Nice has to offer.

I am still planning the event for the next itinerary. I hope that it will be ready in 2 days' time (long overdue in real life as real life demands that I reply to all messages at birthday parties held for John and to bring John to all these parties and thank all the guests and hosts - it would not be courteous, if I do not do that). But, eventually, it will be done.

Yes, yes, I see the pretty iris broach pin :-) It matches well with the scarf from John's virtual Hawaiian birthday party that I organised for him last year. Oh, the workmanship is so fine. The details, The colours. And you can wear the scarf with the broach pin in so many different and lovely ways :-)))

I hope to be better organised and get viritual things done soon, however, real life beckons for attention, too.

See you later, my friend :-)

Smiles that Friends Are Enjoying Themselves,
Jason :-)


Oh what fun the day has been. So much laughter, wonderful walking tours, cafes around every corner and the vintage boutique stores are incredible. Today I found a delightful iris broach pin to go with the scarf from last year's adventure. Thank you again. ♥♥♥


You are welcome, Bev.

You will be fine.
All your friends are here.
Just enjoy and have a great time.

I will be busy chatting with the Virtual Organiser to plan for the next activity (this is a virtual activity. In real life, I will have to leave soon to go to my bank and then meet up with John for lunch).

Thank you are the best!!!


Dave, we saw you flying on the Magic Carpet. Some tourists and hotel guests, were using their binoculars to get a closer look. They just could not believe their eyes.

Then, you landed right in front of them and with such style and flourish. Everyone started taking photos of you and the Magic Carpet. Cameras and handphones (mobiles) were put to good use. You got a vain Magic Carpet. I see it posing besides you and trying out different poses, too. It is a photographer' s dream.

Friends are now rushing over to say hello to you. John is smiling happily at you and giving you a friendly wave.

It is still the early morning of 4 April in virtual time, so let us have breakfast at Cours Selaya. French pastries awaits. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is in the air. Then comes the aroma of freshly baked delightful pastries and yummy breakfast items.

It is so good to see and have a participative friend at a virtual party. Life and joy is brought into the virtual world.

Now, it is really time for me take my leave and go my rounds to the other birthday party sites to say hello to friends. I will be back later :-)

Please enjoy the party with all the friends who are here. Some of them already have some great plans of what to do before lunch is served.

Still Smiling at Your Magic Carpet,
Jason :-)


Sparky, my virtual birthday parties usually last for a few (real) days though virtually this particular one will be for a day (virtually) :-0

My previous ones for John and for myself lasted for more than a day - I guess that was too much, so I have decided to hold just one day virtual ones (but in real time, it will be for a few days as it is not easy for me to catch up with all the parties going on at the same time and with so many friends and well wishers to respond to).

It is good to know that everyone is having a glorious time :-) That is the spirit of virtual parties :-)

Enjoy :-)

Jason :-)


Jeri, it is wonderful to see you at this party. Welcome, my friend.

Thank you for your birthday greetings to John and for the compliment, too.

Thank you, too, for letting me know that this virtual party feels real to you. That really makes me happy and I feel that it is truly worth all the time and effort spent in organising it. To have made friends feel good is something that I love to do at virtual parties. There is still much to do before I finally bring the party to a finale.

Glad to hear that you have enjoyed the morning trip and that the food was spectacular :-)

Cheerful Smiles,
Jason :-)


Sweet Bev, you must ask your imagination to be co-operative with you. It is much needed at virtual parties - sometimes, it is the only way to enjoy such events. And do request it to be positive and happy then everyone will continue to be happy and positive :-))

Do not let the real world (if it is not enjoying good times) in at virtual parties.


When you have a party, you really do have a party, Jason. SO much fun! Happy Birthday John and MANY MANY more to come!! To have my magic carpet land among so many jigidi friends carpets and then greet them and share laughs is amazing. I see John over there, laughing as well. Happiness abounds! So, now over to the pastries....☺ Thank you Jason.


Pam, it is delightful to hear how you are enjoying yourself at this party and at the morning outing with Breakfast provided which is the first activities for the morning of 4 April (yes, you got it right, virtually, it is still 4 April morning, though in the real world, it is already 6.31am, Monday 6 April 2020 for me and for friends in the United States, it may be evening of Sunday, 5 April 2020).

You have made the virtual party come alive and real by letting us know what you are doing. You do know how to participate in such events. Wonderful :-) Great :-) Fun :-)

You love the delicate and melt in the mouth French pastries :-) I will make sure that you will have a box of it, freshly baked and packed for you when it is time to say farewell to all our party guests and friends (which will not be occuring that soon yet. Remember, we still have lunch, dinner and the ballroom dancing to enjoy before we say goodbye).

I can spend hours at Cours Selaya. Just so much to see and so many things to enjoy in terms of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. It is a different atmosphere here during the morning, afternoon and night. But then, while in Nice, we must see other places, too,

See you later, my friend. Meanwhile I leave you in good hands with all the warmhearted friends at this virtual party while I go over to thank well wishers at other party sites organised by several friends for John's birthday.

Smiles of Friends Enjoying Themselves,
Jason :-)


Oh my goodness and the party carries on - what a glorious time we are all having ☺♥☺


Happy Birthday, John..!! You are so lucky to have a partner like Jason.
He is one of a kind.

Jason, thank you for our virtual party..! The 'trip' was awesome and the
food was spectacular. I feel like I've been there with you and John and all
of our Jigidi friends.

Lately, I feel my imagination went south...I gotta get back in the groove. :))


Oh, Jason! I don't know if I'll ever have my fill with this delicate French pastries! I'm going to sneak some in my luggage to take back with me (hehehe)! Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya is so beautiful and colorful and was, indeed, a good place to start! ~Pam


Bev, you are in Nice, virtually. We are all there now, in Nice, with you :-)

Golly Jason, I wish I was on the French Riviera, but I'm confined to my house in Highland..:))) Bev. Have a nice Palm Sunday...


Donna, thank you for your birthday greetings to John.

Come, join us at this birthday bash. There are organised activities and tours as well as free and easy ones.

Jason :-)


Nancy, thank you for honouring me with the first dance.

The flower does look good on your hair. I am glad that it will accompany you as you explore more of Nice. Your grandson has already arrived. I am sure that he will keep you company, too.

Yes, I can still get a whiff of the spices now and then. But, by the time, I arrive at the ballroom, I will no longer smell exotic as I would have had a good shampoo and shower.

Smiles of Ballroom Dancing,
Jason :-)


Bev, I hope that you are having a great time in Nice :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

Hang around, sweetie. There is plenty of time to enjoy. In virtual time, we will only be in Nice for a day (after having a good night sleep at the hotel). In real time, this party will last for a few days as places are still to be visited. There will also be a lunch and a dinner party.

Jason :-)



A warm welcome to you. Welcome to John's Virtual Birthday Party. We are glad that you have arrived safely and in a joyful mood to have a wonderful time with all of us.

Thank you for your birthday greetings to John.

Virtual travel is so fun and exciting. Come explore Nice with all of us. Shall we join some friends at Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya? It will be a fun place to start experiencing what Nice has to offer.

Breakfast items do include some French delicate pastries and you can help yourself to as many as you wish :-) Yummy.

Smiles of Great Food,
Jason :-)



欢迎来到约翰 的生日晚会

Welcome to John's Virtual Birthday Party :-)

Thank you for playing French music on your laptop to honour and celebrate this occasion. 非常谢谢

The day is still young, lunch has yet to be served and dinner - the finale is days away in real time.

Meanwhile, please enjoy yourself. Keep your grandma, Nancy, company and explore Nice with her and some friends. She is a loving and caring lady. She is going to have her first dance with me :-) It will be such an honour for me :-))

Welcome Smiles,
Jason :-)


Dear Petsmom,

John and I saw you flying on the Magic Carpet last night. You made quite an entrance. Everyone who saw your arrival, applauded happily.

Yes, you are now among many good friends who are gathered here for a good and fun time, virtual though it may be. Maybe, virtual is good because then we can control the events and activities - only happy, positive and enjoyable ones. Everyone here is so obliging and courteous.

And, oh yes, thank you for your birthday greetings to John.

Feel free to explore Nice - either in a group or with a few friends. It is a nice place.

Do remember to come back and join us for lunch ( which will be served several hours from now as meanwhile, after replying to all the comments here, I will have to make my way to all the other birthday puzzles that friends have created for John).

Delightful Smiles,
Jason :-)


Dear Friends, I am outside and will reply personally to each of your messages when I return home tonight (In real time, about 7 hours from now).

Do continue to enjoy yourselves.

See you later,


Dear Jason, Now MY cheeks are red! Of course you may have the first dance! and I would gladly accept a flower for my hair*** Exotic spices give off a wonderful aroma that would only draw me to you**

Hugs and smiles for a true Gentleman,
♥♥♫♫ Nancy

Yow are a big Sweetie!!! That's the Truth!!!!


Happy Birthday, John! I'm so excited to be in France! I've never left North America but always wanted to travel. And this virtual travel business is so quick! I'm so looking forward to having some delicate French pastries! Many Birthday Blessings an virtual hugs, ~Pam


Happy Birthday John! 生日快樂!我隻氣墊船裝滿晒鱔. LOL (I hope Monty Python references are okay... ) 我唔識講廣東話. 日本語が僕の三番語です。Apologies to the rest, I heard John and Jason know Cantonese, so I made a greeting and a joke.


Nanab, thank you for your birthday greetings for John.

I am happy that you are enjoying yourself here :-)

Stay on and have fun.

Jason :-)


Thank you, Francine for your bithday greetings to John.

He has enjoyed his birthday in the real world. And I am sure that he will enjoy his virtual one as well. Maybe, even more, as here he will be among dear friends, many of whom have prayed for his good health.

Jason :-)


Chelsey and Chelsey,

I am so glad that you have enjoyed the Magic Carpet Ride (the first was at John's virtual birthday party last year, and then at my own virtual birthday party last year). So, now both of you are certified experienced Magic Carpet Flyers/Riders.

Both of you will love Nice. A bit more commercial now, but still wonderful. Lots of things to do and see. Lots of food to try.

Many friends have already arrived. More will be joining us soon. Just feel free to mingle and chat with them. All the folks here are very friendly, loving, kind and caring people. I am blessed to have them as my friends. You and Chelsey are my friends, too.

So Chelsey has found the treats that have been hidden from sight :-)) Excellent sense of smell and sight :-)) High Five :-)

Smiles, and More Smiles for my Dear Friends,
Jason :-)


Val and Jim,

I am so glad that both of you have arrived safely and have enjoyed the Magic Carpet ride :-) Very happy to know that you both like the welcome gifts, too.

Take your time to explore Nice. It is a charming place. Join us on outings or explore on your own. Both ways are fine and good and will be enjoyable.

Having such a lovely garden at home, I think that both you and Jim will appreciate all the gorgeous display of flowers at this open air market. The colours and the aromas - just captivating.

Thank you for your birthday wishes for John.

Yes, there will be more activities to come as it is still virtually the morning of 4 April (in virtual time).

You will see the activites for the afternoon and for the evening of 4 April when you see the Salutation "Dear Friends and Jigidiers" which will appear twice at this puzzle (in real time many hours later, and many hours between virtual lunch and dinner).

It is my pleaure to invite both of you to this virtual party and I am honoured by your prescence :-))

Smiling with Appreciaiton,
Jason :-)


@naturelovingfarmer My grandson


It's party time. Sorry I'm late but I finally made it. Time got away from me. I'm so glad that the Magic Carpet driver waited for me. He was so patient. He told me to take my time because there was a lot of traffic on the route to Nice. I'm here and will check in my room and join in the festivities. Looking forward to exploring Nice. It's my first time here. It's wonderful to be joining everyone and I'm looking forward to meeting all of your, and John's, friends to celebrate this wonderful day. Happy Birthday, John. Jason, thanks for planning this amazing party and inviting all of us. You're a wonderful friend to John and everyone that's here.


Willy, thank you for your birthday greetings to John :-)

Your prediction will come true. We are already enjoying ourselves and have let our vivid imagination takes over :-0

Jason :-)


Irena, thank you for letting me know how you have experienced the Magic Carpet ride. It is good to hear that you have enjoyed it. I love your description of the ride. Like many of the friends, here, you know how to participate in virtual events and therefore add fun to it.

Everyone is happy and in a good mood here for we are all happy and healthy and are eager to enjoy ourselves at virtual parties.

Thank you for the toast to John :-) I toast to your good health.

Do drop by again for lunch and dinner ( many hours from virtual time now ).

See you later, my friend,

Smiles of Happiness,
Jason :-)


Dear Nancy,

Welcome, welcome to this party, virtual though it may be :-)

My cheeks are red with your kisses :-0

Music and dancing - ah, the soul of my life :-)

On the last night of the party ( in real time, a few days from the virtual time now ), we will have dancing - ballroom dancing. Nancy, may I have the honour of having the first dance with you? Ah, now I have let another cat out of the bag.

Truth be told, I have never worked as a party/event planner. I just organise virtual ones at Jigidi for John and last year for John, myself and 3 friends who celebrate birthdays in June - making 4 of us for that lovely month.

Nancy, Nice has a special touch - a place that speaks to the 5 senses. As I walked along the spice stalls, the aromatic scents seem to linger on my clothing and hair. Now, I smell so exotic. Would you still want to dance with me, my angel?

With hugs and kisses from you to last a whole year, may I return a token of thanks by pinning a fresh flower to your hair?

Please thank your grandson for providing the music for us. Do ask him to come and join us at this party. It will last for a few days. Virtual parties usually do.

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle. It pleases me that you like it :-)

Hugs and Smiles for a Lovely Lady,
Jason :-)


Sparky dear, you have really sparked up this birthday party with lots of fun and good cheer :-))

Thank you for your birthday greetings and wishes for John.

Now, I spy tourists looking at us and wondering how they can join in the fun. I think, I will just go over and welcome them to join us. Let us party on :-)

I am happy that you have enjoyed your Magic Carpet ride over here, Sparky. All the virtual magic carpets are well behaved and knowledgeable. This is a virtual world - only good things happen here. It is magical :-)

Magical smiles,
Jason :-)


Bev, I am happy to know that you are enjoying yourself at this party :-)

Thank you for your birthday greetings and wishes for John. May they all come true for him :-) And may eveyone here also enjoy good health, joy and peace :-)

Joyful Smiles,
Jason :-)


Parson, it is great to see you at this virtual birthday party for John :-)

John is fit and strong now. You should have seen him in real life. I was walking (at normal walking speed) in front of him one day and he said "Walk faster, walk faster." He can walk much faster now. He told me that everyday, he wants to see improvement.

Be here for a while more, Parson, and enjoy the activities.

Jason :-)


Irene, you are here already, while I was getting ready for bed, last night. So tired, you know. Ah, that is real life. But, now I am awake and have just thanked all guests who have shown up at the parties hosted by friends at their puzzle pages.

I am happy that the Magic Carpet has given you a smooth ride over here. I think I would like to fall asleep on a magic carpet. I know that I will not fall off. I will be nearer the stars.

We will be walking to the beach soon (Oops, I have let the cat out of the bag). That is to be done after lunch (which in real time, may be a day from the virtual time now).

Meanwhile, feel free to go where you please, Irene. Nice is a lovely and friendly place - lots to see and to do. Art - plenty of them - at the museums, at the stalls, etc.

Most of us are still at the Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya as there are lots of things to see and to eat :-0

I know that you will be enjoying yourself, Irene.

By the way, I heard that someone has spotted Clive strolling along the beach. You may meet him there. He will probably want to take a photo of you :-)

Smiles of Adventures,
Jason :-)


John, wishing you a very ꕤ•*♡*•♫ Happy Birthday ♫•*♡*•ꕤ
Jason, I'm having a wonderful time at this lovely celebration for John. Thank you.


Happy Birthday, John. Hope your special day was great.


Thank you, Jason, for this pretty a happy puzzle and I have to tell you that Chelsey and I, we both enjoyed our trip on a magic carpet. We have never been to Nice, but I loved Paris so I am positive I will love Nice also. I am looking forward seeing everybody again and meeting new friends. This hotel you choose, is so wonderful and we love our room. There were even treats ready for Chelsey. I can hardly wait till tomorrow, thank you, Jason.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN........and many, many more!


Wheee such a wonderful trip on the magic carpet, Jason thank you, Jim and I were delighted with our room and the many thoughtful gifts, we have never been to France, so it is very exciting, the trip to the markets lovely. John we wish you the best birthday wishes ever and look forward to more of your birthday celebration Hugs


Happy birthday, John. You are going to have a great party.


Dear Jason. The carpet has already arrived in our country. The flight was pleasant. There was no strong wind, it was sunny. Along the way I admired the beauty of nature. From a height, the world is a little different from the earth. I hope you are all in a good mood. Toast to John with champagne for his birthday. I am glad that we all met in good health !!!
You are a very good organizer. You've chosen a nice place to meet and celebrate your best friend's birthday.
I hear the music ... a solemn fanfare for John.
Happy birthday and thank you for invitation.
Best regards Irena


**♫♫Bon Anniversaire John♫♫** You are blessed with such a good friend in Jason!! I am honored to be invited to your party and to be your friend** Jason knows I love Ballroom dancing so lets put on our dancing shoes and dance!! My grandson is playing French music on his laptop in honor of the occasion. Music is the joy in our souls.

Dear Jason, You are amazing!! Did you ever work as a party/event planner? because I cannot imagine a party better planned than this one...down to the last detail. I am enjoying every minute of our time in Nice, France...the sights, aromas, food and most of all the flowers**!**
I wish you both every happiness - every day. Sending Hugs and kisses (one for each cheek as is the custom in France) enough to last until next April 4th when I shall give you some more!!!!!!!

P.S. The puzzle is BEAUTIFUL **!**


♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAREST JOHN ♫ may all your dreams be fulfilled ☺☺☺Oh you have outdone yourself dear Jason - You have organized the most fantastic Birthday Celebration in Dear John's Honour - well done!! Let the music play, Let the champagne flow, Let our night be filled with Happiness and Laughter, Joy at all being together, Amazing food. Great Weather, Sante!!! Enchante - thx for sending your magic carpet to pick me up and transport me to your world ☺☺ xxxxxxloads of love and hugs to both of you and to everyone here too ♥♥♥♥ love brightspark and sparklightie xxxx

What a grand and glorious time. Happy Birthday John, and many more with continued good health, joy and peace. Hugs from Bev. in the U.S.A. 4-4-2020..2:13pm


What a wonderful party you have provided for John, Jason. I know you are having a wonderful birthday, John. It is great that you have such a caring friend like Jason. I hope that the day isn't too much for you and that you are restored to health after your recent time in the hospital and rehab.


This is great, the party has already started. My Magic Carpet arrived on time, and the ride was so smooth and comfortable, I nearly fell asleep.
I have never been to Nice before, so I'm looking forward to walking along the beach. The checking out some of the Art.


Suzy, welcome to John's Virtual Birthday Party.

I see that you have arrived safely and happily :-)

Thank you for all your birthday wishes for John :-)

The dancing shoes? Oh yes, John will put them on later (after dinner, which in real time will be a few days from now - to give me time to prepare as meanwhile I have to reply to comments on John's birthday and in real life, I have an early morning appointment tomorrow, Sunday, 5 April).

Meanwhile, (virtually) John has on his comfortable and fashionable Parisian walking shoes and is walking with a group of friends at the Cours Selaya. Do join us over there, Suzy.

Jason :-)

12.30am, Sunday, 5 April 2020.


Cyndi, we are happy that you join us at this party :-)

Thank you for the birthday greetings and wishes for John.

Do drop by again, perhaps, tomorrow, to see how things are developing for lunch. Meanwhile, enjoy your walking tour of Marche aux Fleurs Cours Saleya at Nice.

Jason :-)


Welcome Lunie. It is great to see you.

Thank you for your birthday wishes for John :-)

The bouquet of flowers is so pretty. Wonderful scent, too. Thank you for the gift of flowers :-)

Jason :-)


Lovely to see you at this party, Robin :-)

Thank you for the compliment and for wishing John a Very Happy Birthday.

It is a pleasure to hear that you find this party to be fabulous and relaxing. More events to come. Meanwhile, I need time to prepare. So friends will probably have to wait (in real time) for another day or two before the next itinerary will appear at this puzzle. Of course, virtually, no time has been lost :-0

I think that you have selected a hot favourite as a number of folks find the vacation panel to be appealing, too.

The day will be a wonderful one for all of us, Robin. With great and caring friends around, it can only be wonderful and more :-))



This celebration is extra special this year. Wishing you strength, hope and happiness this year and the years ahead, John. Meanwhile, put on those dancing shoes and dance like you've never danced before!!!! Happy Birthday!!!


Clive, thank you for joining us and for sending birthday greetings to John :-)

Glad that the Magic Carpet has flown you safely to Nice, France.

Nice is still as charming and lovely as ever.

Come and join us as a group whenever you can. Of course, everyone is free to roam and explore on their own, too.

Jason :-)



Welcome, my dear friend to John's Virtual Birthday Party :-)

I am glad that you have enjoyed the Magic Carpet ride :-)

It is so wonderful to be joined by friends at this party who knows how to have virtual fun. Imagination is such a precious gift :-) Love it. Love the way that you are participating in the trip to the floral and spice open air market which has lots of things to offer and many sights to behold. Plenty of photograph opportunities.

We will be tasting some local delights at the various stalls. Very tempting and yummy. No worries, virtual food is never stomach filling, so we always have room for more :-0

The sundried tomatoes are great. So are the olives and fois gras. Then, there are the cakes and pastries. Don't forget the fresh fruits, nuts, honey, cheese, coffee and drinks. There are various kinds of bread and snacks. Chickpea crepes (Socca) is very popular.

Smiling at the Thought of Food,
Jason :-)


Happy Birthday John. Hope you have a wonderful day and many more to come....Cyndi


With my birthday wishes of good health, posterity and a lot more years to enjoy, is a bouquet of beautiful flowers to add more colors to the already colorful celebration that Jason has organized. Those floral displays are truly amazing, much to my liking! I look forward to more fun as we move... Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!


Beautiful card, Jason. My favorite is the purple sky with the sun and the wispy cloud. Have a very happy birthday, John. Your party is fabulous, and so relaxing. Have a wonderful day. :)))


Happy Birthday John, Jason my carpet ride was a bit bumpy but that is because of our UK weather but never mind. Yes Nice a wounderfull French town and My has it change from when I last visited as a 17 teen year old many years ago so exciting to be back and I remember the fine French food it has not changed at all.
I will enjoy the market later but must stroll along the beach again for the reminder of being a teen.
Thanks Jason what fun.


Oh, how I enjoyed the carpet ride! It set me gently in front of the hotel. This morning, I am so looking forward to exploring the market, with all the wonderful spicy scents, and letting my eyes absorb the beauty of all the flowers! I can hardly wait to taste some of what the food vendors have to offer! John, this is an amazing place! Hugs to you and Jason, for inviting all of us!


Hello Iris,

Welcome, welcome :-)

Thank you for the birthday greetings to John.

I am delighted that you join us for the fun and exciting morning exploration of Cours Selaya.

I saw your bouquet. It has been so beautifully arranged. The scent of the lavender is so soothing. And the purple irises - wow.

The vacation and the 3 purple hearts (that form a shamrock) panels are pretty ones. I am glad that you like them.

Do drop by tomorrow (real time would be US time, either morning or night - because in the real world, I have to keep an appointment on Sunday morning). We will be having virtual lunch tomorrow at this puzzle :-0

Jason :-)


Thank you Pat for coming to this party and for the compliment on the birthday puzzle for John :-))

The day is special because it will be a gathering of friends :-)))

Come, join us for the morning walk and some interesting browsing at Cours Selaya.

Jason :-)


Have a wonderful day John and thank you for this fun and elegant adventure Jason. It is perfect. Already at one of the sidewalk flower markets I found a huge bouquet of purple irises surrounded by sprigs of lavender. I love the panels with the sky, sun and birds along with the lucky purple clover panel. It reminds me of my purple shamrock plant. Birthday smiles and adventures! I will be joining adventure on bigger size this evening. !(¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥(✿◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯)


Welcome my friends to John's Virtual Birthday Party which is being held at Nice, France :-)))

John and I were receiving and welcoming friends and guests as they arrived at the hotel last night. Some friends had flown in by Magic Carpets. It was a spectacular sight. The hotel staff were in awe and the hotel guests were thrilled by the magic carpets and they wondered how they could get a ride on them :-)

John told me that the green and the pink panels with the musical notes are his favourites in his birthday puzzle for this year.

My favourite is the purple panel with the white flowers. I also like the blue panel with 9 blossoms.

Which ones do you like?

As friends begin to gather in the hotel lobby at 6.00am this morning (virtual time), we will begin our trip for the morning :-)


Happy Birthday John .. Hope your special day is a great one ..

Wonderful card Jason